How To Find More Fulfillment In Your Business

January 1, 2016

How To Find More Fulfillment In Your Business


Are you stressed and overwhelmed in your business?

Are you as productive as you could be?

Are you doing your best work?

I recently discovered a little exercise to find my best work and outsource the rest.

When you do this and understand it, you will be better in your business, and will be more fulfilled.

A wise man once told me….”When you are doing something, you aren’t doing something else.”

In other words, if you are doing something you don’t like to “save a couple bucks,” it takes you away from things that will make you money.

As entrepreneurs and especially for those of us that are solopreneurs, we wear many hats. It’s our job to figure out which hats we WANT to wear. Then, we need to figure out which tasks could taken off our plate through outsourcing and automation.

I want to share a simple exercise with you.

I wish I could say I made up this exercise but I can’t. To give credit where credit is due, I want to thank Brent Weaver and the team at Ugurus for sharing this with me. It’s been very helpful.

Take out a sheet of paper and make 4 lists. If you want to be all fancy pants, you can also do this in a Word document, Evernote, Trello or a spreadsheet. It doesn’t matter how you do the list, as long as you do one.

In the lists, label the following 4 columns:

Column 1) Things I love doing and am great at

Column 2) Things I like doing and am good at

Column 3) Things I DON’T like doing and am good at

Column 4) Things I DON’T like doing and I am NOT good at

Think about your average day.

You do lots of things. Some examples are: answering emails, attending events, making client calls, selling, invoicing, etc.

There are also the things you personally need to get done. Some examples of these are: making dinner, washing dishes, fixing things in your house, etc.

How many different tasks have you done this week?

It’s a lot when you really think about it. I think I had about 75 tasks on my weekly list when I did this exercise.

Now, put each task in its appropriate column.

Here’s the goal….get as many of the column 3 and column 4 items off your plate as you can.

This can be business OR personal. For example, I DREAD anything related to housework, yardwork or home repair. I am glad to have others who are better at these things do them for me.

There are also tasks you know you SHOULD be doing, or have someone else do, but aren’t currently doing now.

For example, maybe you need to create a marketing plan. Maybe you need to update your Facebook page. Maybe you need to start that blog. Perhaps you should finally start sending out that newsletter.

Put all these tasks on your list in the appropriate category.

So, how did you do?

How many things are in the dreaded column 4?

It’s ok if you have a lot of tasks there. Now the question is, how are you going to get those done?

Can you find someone to do it for you?

What’s your plan of action?

If any of those column 4 items relate to your online marketing, you know where to find me.

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