How to Convert Your Blog into a Lead Magnet [Infographic]

— May 28, 2017

Conversions through blogging has hit a new grade and marketers are swearing to the wonderful boost blogging has given to lead generation. In fact, it is so effective that 82% of the marketers who write blogs frequently are seeing positive ROI from their inbound marketing.

Various other business benefits of blogging that marketers claim to have gotten their hands on are:

  1. Brand Recognition
  2. Web Traffic Increase
  3. SERP Page Ranking
  4. Additional Value to Your Website

But if blogging is this grand a technique then why don’t the remaining 18% benefit off it?

That’s because when you are all set to write a blog, you want to make sure that you tune in your words to your personality while keeping a healthy balance between using exclusive content and at the same time, making it engaging for the audience to read.

But the correct modes of blogging don’t merely halt at Exclusive Content. There’s more to Blogging than writing original pieces, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. Blog Structure
  2. CTAs/Banners Placement
  3. Engagement Empowerment
  4. Optin Form Integration
  5. Load Speed

How to Convert Your Blog into a Lead Magnet [Infographic]

An appropriate blog structure includes the correct placement of various elements like Header, Search Bar, Blog Categories etc. that enhances User Experience and Navigation.

There are various ways and sections for CTAs/Banner Placement and the correct usage will give you a huge boost to your Conversions and one wrong placement is enough to annoy your users.

There are numerous ways to empower social engagement in your blog. But the main issue lies in understanding the point at which the user might get the impulse to share your content and there can be many such places.

Optin Form Integration is a surefire way if you know where exactly to place them so as to attract the best of conversions instead of forcing your readers to want to run away for good.

Nothing could be worse than a well written original piece content not getting the conversions it deserves just because it loads slow enough to drive away all those to-be potential audience. A 1 second delay in your site speed can result in 7% reduction in conversions.

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