How SMEs Can Leverage Email Marketing In 2020

Regardless of industry, email marketing can help SMEs by fostering better customer relationships, the high website traffic, and creating a substantial brand value to help keep growing.

Often, small business owners assume that email marketing is not practical for their businesses.
However, email marketing is frequently cited as the most fruitful form of digital marketing that is proven to boost a 4400% ROI (Opt-in Monster).

Additionally, the massive ROI is not just reserved for giant players. Fortunately, SMEs can similarly rip the fruit.

How SMEs Can Leverage Email Marketing In 2020

When designing email marketing strategies, routine work is your enemy. The reason is, creativity is the first rule for success. Therefore, you have to look out for new ways to utilize your email for marketing as they have been considered as secret weapons to unlock the potential.

In 2020, inboxes are expected to be the battlefield for marketers. According to the Sale Cycle, more than 70% of marketers rated the ROI of email to be Excellent.

Since everyone has fully prepared over the strategies on email marketing, we are going to tell you how to fight for the attention you deserve with the ten tips to beat customer inboxes in 2020!

1. Assure The Quality Of Content

One of the most prior ways to engage customers with email deliverability is to assure the quality of your content. Don’t rely on the number of emails you send to your clients because none likes to get bombarded with constant promotional emails.

Thus, instead of focusing on filling the content in your emails, try to craft it that your subscribers want to read and even watch. Make sure that your email marketing campaigns must include value-added readable and visual content for your clients.

2. Use Embedded Sign-Up Form Than A Link

Most of the small businesses use links when asking visitors to subscribe to their newsletter. However, it is better to embed a form directly on your site. You just simply have to replace a link with an opt-in form.

This will help to increase your subscription rates. The reason is, an embedded link can save subscriber’s extra click time and effort. Hence, the trick is to make a sign-up process as accessible and easy as possible.

3. Encourage Sign-Ups

As mentioned above, to make email sign-ups easy, it is also beneficial to give your customers as many chances as possible to subscribe to you.

It is better to fill your website with relevant email sign up forms wherever possible. Include them on your homepage, header, footer, contact page, and even blogs.

Also, if you have an e-commerce site, make sure to provide clients with an option on the checkout page to sign up with you for the latest offers and updated deals as they are already providing their emails to complete orders.

How SMEs Can Leverage Email Marketing In 2020

4. Make Mobile-Friendly Emails Optimized For Purchases

Most of the clients prefer to read emails on their phones. Therefore, make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and optimized for making a purchase.

For 2020, there is no way around then to make your emails responsive. Your content design has to provide the best user experience for every mobile device, including phones, tablets, i-pads, and desktops.

Lastly, you have to make sure that your emails are not challenging to read on small screens. Remember, all it takes a bad experience to lose a potential customer.

Since they are not just using the phone to read emails, they use it for completing purchases as well. Assure to make your links and pages fully optimized for mobile devices.

5. Segmentize Customers

If your brand has repeated clients who have been engaged via emails, take this opportunity to create building brand-loyal customers, and increase sales. Those subscribers have already shown a sound level of interest in your brand; thus, you should cultivate the relationship.

An ideal way to engage customers relevantly is to segmentize them. Create priority specific lists of contacts. By this, you can send those customized offers, contents, and product discounts to encourage them to buy from you.

How SMEs Can Leverage Email Marketing In 2020

6. Send Automated Personalized Emails

If you are not a player of automation, make it happen for 2020. Sending automated customized emails can help you save a lot of time and money. Also, they are proven to do wonder to nourish customer relationships.

Thus, set an automated welcome email for new subscribers to start your relationship on the right track. It will build the trust of your new potential prospects. Set automated emails based upon customer’s past purchase behavior.

Track their searched products, analyze their read blogs, and offer complimentary product information materials to encourage purchase.

How SMEs Can Leverage Email Marketing In 2020

7. Make Emails Accessible

Making content accessible is the previous topic for email marketers in 2020. Making emails accessible refers to create content that can be utilized by impaired individuals by screen readers and voice assistants. Below are some tips to make sure your emails are accessible:

  • Use headers to let screen readers figure out the hierarchy of the content.
  • Make content concise and legible.
  • Use short sentences, bullet points, and avoid jargon.
  • Choose layout, font, and colors to make the content as readable as possible.
  • Provide descriptions in ALT Tags of images.
  • Provide descriptive anchor texts for links.

8. Stick To Sign-Up Promises

Permission-based email marketing has become the new norm for marketers. Inboxes represent the view of the battlefield with more cautious curation regarding signing up.

Customers don’t think twice before unsubscribing if the content loses relevancy. You have to stick to your sign-up promises to retain subscribers religiously.

More than 60% of email recipients say they would open an email based on if they trusted the brand (Marketing Charts). Provide them with what you have promised while signing up to help keep their trust reliable.

9. Get Into New Subscriber’s Contacts

An ideal way to increase your chance of being in your subscriber’s inbox is by being in their communications. Send them a welcome email with a request to add you to their email address contacts.

Once they add you, ask them to move you from the promotions tab to the primary tab to increase open rates for subscribers. It is a step-by-step process and you need to be patient.

10. Make Email Design Reflect Your Brand

Your emails should be easily recognizable and designed to reflect your brand. Keep your logo at the top of your email following your design guidelines to craft email.

You can use similar design elements for your site and make it consistent and user-friendly.
Assure to cover your basics within your newsletter branding ideas.

Benefits Of Leveraging Email Marketing

Small businesses are more benefited from the support of email marketing, as they are more adaptable and flexible. Also, small businesses can build trust with clients instantly than large organizations to resonate well in a circle.

The most crucial practice with email marketing is, to be honest, transparent, and open with your customers. According to Emarsys-2018, more than 80% of SMBs rely on email as their primary customer acquisition and retention channel.

Moreover, make it easy to subscribe to newsletters. Step it simple for signing up. Let your potential subscribers know what to expect from you. Make sure they trust your brand by finding the right content in their inboxes.

Undoubtedly, it is challenging to grow your subscriber’s list in the competitive web world. Especially while so many small businesses like you are vying for attention. Prefer to produce unique, fresh, and high-quality exclusive content in your newsletter that your clients can’t find elsewhere.

As a small business owner, you can use your expertise to promote your brand in the regional area. You can achieve it both conservatively and efficiently via strategic use of resources of email marketing. Developing your local expert reputation through your content helps to cement your customer relationship stronger.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, make an exceptional email marketing strategy to pair it with the above email marketing tips to design your email marketing campaigns to position yourself succeeded in 2020.

Pick the right content to send to the right customer to improve your brand, business, and revenue. This will help you to get the best out of email marketing to leverage your small business in 2020. All the best!

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