How is Modern Technology Reshaping the Staffing Industry?

On reaching the end of 2020, it is relatively safe to say that year has been nothing short of uncertainty. What’s certain is the fact that businesses are gradually transitioning to technological solutions over conventional approaches.

Digitalization, Automation, technological transformation, etc., are the phrases that we have been lately witnessing as trends in this continuously evolving staffing industry. From making a shift to digital timesheets to adopting paperless payroll management, from bulk emailing through one tap to paperless onboarding, we have come a long way.

However, some trends and technological innovations have created successful innovation milestones lately and have been potentially reshaping the staffing industry for the better.

Video Interviewing

The number of companies using video interviews to hire workers spiked by 67% in February-March, 2020

The increasing GIG economy, as well as remote culture, demand staffing companies to incorporate video interviewing and consider it as an effective staffing strategy. Unlike face-to-face interviewing, it offers better flexibility and accessibility to the candidates as well as staffing managers that are scattered across the globe. In fact, all you need to do is manifest a strategy that helps to invest in the best candidates.

Given that companies are lately focusing on reducing the cost-to-fill and improving candidate experience considering the kind of candidate-driven market it is, video interviewing has been one of the strategies that helped them revamp the staffing process for better efficiency.

Digital Onboarding

Until the last few years, digital onboarding comprised classroom first-day training, face-to-face meetings with different teams, and team lunches. The same onboarding practice cannot be followed in today’s time wherein each and every member of the team is scattered across the globe and is working from home on project-basis or contractual work largely.

Paperless onboarding has transitioned the staffing industry that had been heavily relying on the heaps of paperwork for the onboarding processes. Not only does it provide better control over the process, but it also increases the level of satisfaction due to minimal human intervention.

Electronic Compliance

Agree or not, compliance management is one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and crucial processes. To manage multiple workers’ timely compliance, staffing agencies are progressively incorporating technological solutions to verify each new hire digitally and get them to sign the compliance forms electronically without minimal human intervention.

While carrying out any staffing process manually, there are high chances of human errors. But, human error of any sort can result in inaccurate compliance and, consequently, lead to an investment of a large number of human hours and lesser employee productivity.

Knowing the same, staffing managers have begun catering to multiple workers’ ongoing compliance needs and future requirements through advanced staffing solutions that are technologically smart and eliminate the fear of incorrect validation checks and missed out signatures entirely.

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