How Do People Judge You?

— February 1, 2017

light-bulb-1002783_640Although we don’t like to admit it, we are continually judged by others. Consistency in words, actions, and deeds are essential. Word of mouth travels very rapidly online, and so it’s important that only admired verbiage speaks on your behalf. The way in which you become known or people define you is known as your personal brand.

Tomorrow is a blank canvas, paint your future today.

No doubt you have on occasion experienced a frustrating round of communication with someone. Although you attempted to keep a cool head and remain professional, the other party chose to toss a degrading name at you. On these (hopefully) rare occasions, the best strategy for handling this type of event is to connect with a trusted friend. Whether or not you reveal the entire story does not matter. What is most important is to hear the support and encouraging words on the other end.

Dependent upon whose words of wisdom you chose to receive, the verbiage may be practical or spiritual. Either type of encouragement works as long as you have the fortitude to continue on your path. Those spiritually oriented will tell you there is a bigger plan in the works. The poor experience works itself out, and that better times will come. And if you aren’t spiritual in nature, it does appear that the aggravating instances happen in waves. But by hanging on tight to get to where you want to go, a lot will be learned along the way, and suddenly improved opportunities seem to appear out of nowhere.

Find Your Purpose

Dedication to continued education and reevaluating goals helps dramatically to find an improved tomorrow. Begin listing everything that needs to be in process to move up the ladder of success. You may wish to join networking groups, online collaborative efforts or hire a coach on occasion. In-between continue to read as much as possible regarding trends in your industry.

Being among counterparts provides the encouragement and motivation to forge forward. The right group hands you the formula for painting your canvas today.

The next step is to reach out to mentor those coming up behind you. The reward is enormous and benefits you on several levels:

  1. You empower others to find success.
  2. The teaching reinforces your learning.
  3. Those you help rave about you and spread news of the good work you do.

Status to be Considered:

  • Are you making the progress you desire?
  • Did you receive adequate training?
  • Are you struggling with confidence?

For any area that you have doubt, the wise move is to step up to get the help you need. Education is the formula most successful people use. They invest in their career to make the long hours well worthwhile. Ultimately, the a-ha moment comes to light, and the motivated each find their very own Smooth Sale!

Sales Tips:

  1. Keep an open mind when things go awry.
  2. Seek help from friends and peers.
  3. See the difficult through to get to the better projects.
  4. Multiply the preferred projects to the point you can handle.
  5. Find partners who also enjoy their work.
  6. Improve your reach with a collaborative effort.
  7. Join a community of like-minded peers dedicated to learning.
  8. Invest in yourself to become the person you envision being.
  9. Share your best insights with peers.
  10. Celebrate success!
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