Google SEO Ranking Factors & Promotional Strategies for 2017 [Infographic]

— April 1, 2017

Many of Google’s algorithm updates and changes in SEO ranking factors are telling signs of how sophisticated and advanced the search engine has become since its conception. Indeed, this could not be more evident in the fact that most online marketers and webmasters should settle for nothing less than websites of highest quality when presenting their content.

Content that is worthy of being ranked high in Google is based on numerous considerations, of course. With the advent of Al-powered tools such as RankBrain, which detects how relevant your content is to your target keywords, everything became more allIpolished’, simply put, and gone are the days when blackhat techniques could be applied haphazardly, while expecting good results to come from them.

If you want a better view of just how far this major search engine has gone in ensuring that it is giving only the best results to its users, then you should certainly take the time to go through the infographic designed by Dot Com Infoway. It lays out in amazing detail the primary factors that affect Google SEO ranking for websites in general. It does so by including snippets of content from various authoritative sources, which serve as good testaments of each of the factor stated. The factors range from the growing significance of mobile responsiveness to the vast potential in traffic that local SEO provides.

Those are but a tip of the iceberg, though, as from there, the infographic takes the initiative in highlighting the best strategies that you can apply in order to take advantage of what the said factors bring to the SEO table. This way, not only would be gaining invaluable information in no time, but it would also readily help you think of better ideas that would ensure the success of your future marketing and SEO operations.

Source: Dot Com Infoway

Google SEO Ranking Factors & Promotional Strategies for 2017 [Infographic]

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