Google Encourages Additional Content In Manufacturer Center

Google Encourages Additional Content In Manufacturer Center

Google has been working to return the exact location on a page within a website for each search query. So it’s not surprising that the company added a product detail section on pages in Google Shopping as part of some upgrades for Manufacturer Center.

The section — designed for brands and original equipment manufacturers to provide details about their products — was introduced in 2015 and expanded in 2017.

Now in 2019, Google is taking steps to improve the site by asking companies to increase the amount of details about their products. This will allow Google to surface the exact information consumers look for in query results when searching for a product.

The product information can include images, YouTube videos and other content. Google, for example, added some of the products manufactured under its parent, Alphabet, such as Nest smart thermostats.

WebCollage, Google’s launch partner, has seen 10% higher conversions for its clients when more visual content is served based on an A/B testing, according to the company.

In the coming months, all manufacturers who upload content such as inspirational imagery and high-quality logos into Manufacturer Center will also have the ability to provide more types of visual experiences to help shoppers make the best choice for them.

Several new metrics are now also are available in Manufacturer Center. The metrics aim to give marketers insight into how ads for products perform on Google, how they appear, best pricing options and more. These include the highest-performing search terms, MSRP gaps and price changes, as well as trending product groups.

A list of requirements outlines the required attributes to add to the product data before marketers can access information such as to-trending groups, top-performing groups, and access to MSRP gaps reports. Search Marketing Daily


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