Fix Your Hiring Process With Better Interviews [Infographic]

— August 20, 2019

Hiring a new person for any type of business can be daunting. There’s the job posting — where should you put it? Then comes a flood of resumes, some of which lack cover letters about why that person would want to work for your company. After you narrow down the stack of resumes it’s time to start conducting interviews, and this is where things can get off the rails quickly.

The way interviewing has been done for the last few decades is lackluster at best. At some point in time, someone in some HR department somewhere decided to stick with ‘safe’ interview questions, which meant that all the questions asked in an interview, both from the interviewer and from the interviewee, were the same in every interview in America. You no longer needed to prepare differently for different interviews, just google the answers or read a book.

This has led to some mismatched teams. When you start an interview by asking someone to tell you about themselves, you’re going to get the same answers that are already on their resume.

If you want to build a better team, you have to practice better interviewing techniques. That means asking better questions and interviewing with a team instead of just one individual. Look for the following characteristics:

  • Cultural fit – does this person seem like they will work well with your team?
  • Talent – can this person meet the challenges of the position?
  • Values – does this person share the team’s core values?
  • Needs – does this person’s skills set fill a void in the team’s?

Soft skills and personality are something anyone can work on, but someone who comes to an interview without some semblance of those crucial skills is likely not prepared for the job. Likewise, certain technical skills can and should be taught on the job, but if a candidate doesn’t demonstrate a basic understanding of them they might be unprepared for the task at hand.

Learn more about conducting better interviews from the infographic below.

Fix Your Hiring Process With Better Interviews [Infographic]

Infographic Source: Human Resources MBA

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