Drive More Traffic and Followers for Your Personal Brand with Pinterest

— March 10, 2017

Interacting on social networks with your community is one of the best ways to attract a loyal audience for your brand. If you want to increase your business opportunities then Pinterest will help you achieve just that.

Would you like to attract more sales and visibility? If you have not been leveraging the power of this visual social network then now is the time. Your brand can start attracting more subscribers who can be converted into the sales with the right strategy.

A successful marketing plan should be visually eye-catching along with an engaging and a clear brand message. There are many ways to use Pinterest to your advantage, which begins with good target market research.

How to Improve Your Brand’s Pinterest Strategy

Pinning is just the start to tapping into the many other business features offered on Pinterest. Here are some tips on how to improve your results:

  • Determine your ideal follower – Take a look at your other social networks and find out whether your existing connections are also interacting on Pinterest. This can be a great launching point for building brand awareness and bringing attention to your boards. These individuals or companies should be interested in what you have to offer and have pins that are relevant to your niche.

  • Categorize your boards – Do your boards attract like-minded users or are they too generic? Make sure your titles and descriptions are clear and match the mission statement of your brand. While it is good to include topics that are popular on Pinterest it’s also vital to include boards that reflect your products or services.

  • Share pins that will be re-pinned – One of the great aspects of Pinterest is the longevity of your pins. A vast majority of pins are actually re-pins, which means your brand should pay close attention to which ones gain the most attention. Measure your results each month and find out which content is gaining the most traction.

  • Set up email updates – Managing all of your social networks can become time-consuming. While it’s good to communicate with your followers you don’t want to be checking in all day order to maintain your community. By setting up email alerts you can focus on your other online accounts while not missing important comments, likes, and re-pins.

As Pinterest continues to evolve and add more functions your brand should make this network a regular part of your marketing and sales strategy. Not only can users now make purchases from this top social network, they can easily cross promote your pins to their other social networks for even more visibility.

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