Ditch Your 9-5 Job With the ‘Jumpstart Your Freelance Business Career’ Bundle

August 19, 2016

Meet your new boss: you. If you’re ready to join the millions of entrepreneurs who’ve ditched their 9-5 jobs in favor of starting their own businesses, we’ve got the roadmap right here.

Learn how you can build a lucrative online business: Get the ‘Jumpstart Your Freelance Business Bundle’ for just $ 39, or 95% off at the B2C Shop.

You’ll get a seven-course training that’ll take you through every step of starting an online business—and making it successful. The bundle has something for everyone, whether you need to learn how to set up a website from scratch, need help finding clients, or want to learn how to bring in passive income.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to launch your business: This training includes real-world examples, research from the likes of MIT and Stanford, and hands-on exercises that’ll teach you how to turn an idea into a successful business.

You’ll learn the basics of freelancing, go through the steps of building your own website from scratch, find the best freelance networks, build a portfolio, and learn how to collect market research. Plus, you’ll get training in designing a minimum viable product so you can test your idea before investing a lot of time and money into it.

How to build your business: The pros behind this beginner-friendly training know what hiccups entrepreneurs run into most often—and they’ll help you sidestep them with ease. Learn how to protect yourself from expensive beginner mistakes, find out how you can tailor your business to your lifestyle, get access to legal documents and templates that you’ll need, and master productivity tools that’ll help you work smarter and avoid burnout.

Plus, you’ll learn where to find freelancers when you’re ready to expand, how to use tools like YouTube and WordPress to grow your business, and much more.

You’ll get lifetime access to 361 lessons total, all taught by pros who’ve successfully started their own businesses. Get guidance from agency founders who’ve advised startups and multi-billion dollar businesses alike, online entrepreneurs with hundreds of clients, and even Amazon best-sellers.

And every course is available via streaming, so you can stay on top of your training anytime, anywhere.

Build your freelance career, grow your business, and ditch your 9-5 to go work for yourself. Get the ‘Jumpstart Your Freelance Business Bundle’ for 95% off at the B2C Shop.

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