Databox Launches Free App To Watch Over Your Marketing Platforms

The iOS and Android helper alerts you when tracking thresholds you’ve set in those platforms are reached.


Marketers have so many tools tracking so much data, it’s a wonder they have time to get any work done.

To help with this never-ending challenge, Boston-based Databox released this week its free, watching-over-all app. It’s currently available in an invite-only beta version, for iOS or Android devices.

You set up the app for which cloud-based platforms and metrics you want watched, and for the threshold in each metric where you should be sent an email or push notification. If conversion rates shoot up, for instance, or you website goes down, Databox can ping you.

Currently, the app is integrated with Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics, Optimizely and Localytics. CEO Swami Kumaresan told me that more integrations are underway, and that marketers can readily connect to the platforms by themselves, without IT’s help.


You swipe left or right to move between the different tool-watchers, and scroll down to see the various metrics you’ve defined within a tool.

At some point, he said, Databox expects to add premium levels for a fee, as well as paid services like custom integrations. But, for now, the emphasis is on creating a base of users.

Kumaresan said the company, founded last year, initially released a completely different product that was focused on building mobile dashboards before it recognized this opportunity. This new version of Databox completely rebuilds the app’s front-end and focuses it on the needs of marketers.

“There are so many analytics tools out there, and people don’t have time to pay attention,” he said. “It’s a challenge to cut through the clutter.” He added that, eventually, the concept might be applied to other kinds of business users.

“There must be other smart people working on this ubiquitous problem,” he told me, “but we are not aware of anyone.”

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