Customer Care During Coronavirus [Infographic]

With more than half of the world’s population now online, there are billions of people commenting, praising and critiquing your brand across channels every day. Your brand needs to listen and engage with these conversations to improve customer experiences – this was a fact even before COVID-19.

Now, as we’re months into the pandemic, the need for customer experience management (CXM) is accelerating faster than ever as organizations realize it’s not just important – but essential for survival. According to McKinsey, “customers need digital, at-home, and low-touch options. Digital-led experiences will continue to grow in popularity once the coronavirus is quelled, and companies that act quickly and innovate in their delivery model to help consumers navigate the pandemic safely and effectively will establish a strong advantage.”

Nowhere is that clearer than in customer service, where in-person call centers have been shut down, inbound volumes of customer inquiries have exploded, and demand for virtual, AI-powered digital care solutions have increased dramatically.

Over the past few months, Sprinklr’s research team has been analyzing inbound and outbound volume across industries and talking to customers about their customer care experiences. As a result of this research from across 1,200 brands, Sprinklr found that average inbound volume of customer mentions and inquiries across industries increased by 161 percent, outbound replies from brands increased by an average of 178 percent, and brand posts across channels increased by 133% from February through May 31st, 2020.

What does this mean? It proves that brands across industries are experiencing a high demand for customer service across social media and messaging channels. It proves that brands need to increase their 1-1 replies at scale, and they need to increase their engagement with effective content.

Insights from Brands on Managing Customer Care During COVID-19

Companies across industries are creating a strategy for quickly answering common questions. According to Sprinklr customer Ryan Peña, Social Media Supervisor at Be The Match, “we are seeing an influx in inbound comments and questions across all of our core social platforms. We have focused heavily on diagnosing common questions and updating our response guide FAQs as necessary in relation to COVID-19.”

Additionally, companies are seeing this as an opportunity to use customer service to build loyal relationships. “The social care experience gives a brand the opportunity to service someone by seeing them for who they are as a person, along with who they are as a customer. Our social care focuses on strengthening the customer relationship beyond the ‘fix it’ moment,” said Sprinklr client Ken Madrigal, Digital and Social Strategy Lead at Verizon Fios.

Check out the infographic below to see the impact coronavirus is having on customer care teams across industries.

Customer Care During Coronavirus [Infographic]

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