Credibility Factors That Impact the Success of Your Website [Infographic]

— May 23, 2017

Here’s a legitimate question for you:

How long do visitors actually stick around on your website?

10 minutes? 3 minutes? Or maybe just 7 seconds?

When you get a chance, take a good look at your analytics and the numbers will probably blow you away. Because the reality is, many visitors don’t stick around on a website that much anymore.

What’s more shocking is that many marketers don’t even have an answer as to why.

But, there’s actually many reasons for this happening:

  1. They don’t necessarily trust the look of site.
  2. There’s glaring red flags on how secure their information actually will be.
  3. They don’t trust the source giving the information.
  4. There’s annoying popups that seriously take away from the user-experience.

The list goes on and on.

But do you see a pattern with some of those answers?

You can chalk up the answer to really one thing:

Website credibility.

Something simple as credibility has a major impact on the success (or failure) of your site.

Think about it:

Every day, visitors bombarded with hundreds of choices. Because of that, they need to decipher which choice is actually worth their time. Worth paying attention to. And more importantly, worth spending their hard earned money on.

So, how are they going to decide all of those things?

By simply determining the credibility of the website.

That’s why, in this infographic created by Content Ranked, he shares some major credibility factors that has some serious impact on your business. Not only that, but each factor is broken down into categories like:

  • Personal credibility factors
  • Professional factors
  • Page factors
  • Purchasing factors
  • User-experience factors
  • Blogger factors
  • Content factors

But here’s the kicker:

Although the infographic shares some of the more important factors that actually requires your imediate attention, there’s 53 factors in total that visitors use when they visit your site.

Certainly a lot to process, right?

Check out the infographic below:

Credibility Factors That Impact the Success of Your Website [Infographic]

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