Creative Ways Brands Can Use Snapchat

April 1, 2015

Snapchat is huge amongst the younger audience (13-17 years old) but is growing quickly in other age groups. This provides a valuable opportunity to brands hoping to reach this unique audience in a unique and memorable way. So how are brands are doing reaching teens? With creative Snapchat campaigns! Whether they decide to create their own brand account to update or to hire influencers to tell their stories for them, just having a presence on this platform is a great way to stand out and make an impact. So how can brands get started on Snapchat and what are some neat brand examples? Read to find out.

1st: Create a Brand Snapchat Account

– Dedicate your social manager or an intern to add fun snaps throughout the day sharing a look into your office and employees days or at the products with behind the scenes looks.
– Try to Snap at least 3 times a day to keep fans engaged. Ideally, try to Snap around 7 times a day minimum so a story is made.

2nd: Share Cool Snaps

– Show behind-the-scenes activities including photos and videos at the office, around the city, or at photoshoots.
– Share new products or sneak peeks into upcoming events like sales and holiday promotions.
– Want followers to engage with you? Ask them to screenshot your snaps and reply with their own ideas and stories. Make a puzzle or do trivia. Fans have to answer or fill in the puzzle correctly so it becomes a fun and memorable experience.
– Looking for feedback from fans? Ask them to screenshot their favorite Snaps to vote. The Snap with the most screenshots, wins!
– Want them to engage even more, ask them to screenshot your snaps and share it or their own on other social platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, with a special hashtag around the Snap.
Example idea: If you’re Starbucks, you could Snapchat a Frappucino’s journey in a beautiful park throughout the day. With it slowly becoming lower and lower from being enjoyed. Have fun with it!

3rd: Build a Following

– Ask your followers on all other social accounts to follow you on Snapchat by sharing your Snapchat username, especially effective on Twitter and Instagram.
– Tell your followers about an exclusive surprise or promo code on Snapchat. Make it your story for the day. They have to follow you to get it!
– Ask fans to Snap themselves interacting with the brand. You then screenshot the coolest ones and upload them on one of your other social networks!

Examples of cool campaigns from brands:

Free People – Sharing beautiful Snaps of behind-the-scenes photoshoots and new products with that gorgeous Free People aesthetic.

Read more here:

Mountain Dew – For the Super Bowl, Mountain Dew launched a “fan-driven” Snapchat story with three social influencers. It was around their new Kickstart drink. It was interactive and asked fans to screenshot and submit their own Snaps. A great, creative way to spread product awareness to that younger demographic. It was multi platform too, with content across Vine, YouTube and Twitter!

Read more here:

Taco Bell – Taco Bell ran a Valentine’s Day Snapchat Campaign with creative puns around their food and Valentine’s Day plans for fans. Lines like “I wanna get jalapeño business” were used. Funny and creative!

Read more here:

McDonalds – Teamed up with athletes like Lebron James and Richard Sherman to share brand-related snaps and contests. A great way to reach their younger fans that love sports and fast food.

Read more here:

Heineken at Coachella – Heineken created a Snapchat campaign “SnapWho?” around their sponsorship at Coachella. It shared clues to special guests, performances and events at their ‘Heineken House.’ A great way to easily reach fans at Coachella who aren’t going to be on social as much, but Snapchat is the perfect way to keep them intrigued and all at their convenience!

Watch the video here:

What are your favorite brands to follow on Instagram? Any cool campaigns we missed? Read 10 Pinterest Goals for Bloggers and Brands in 2015 and Pinterest in Comparison to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more social media tips and examples!

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