Converting Post Likes to Page Likes

— March 21, 2017

OK, so you’ve run a Facebook campaign that involved experimenting with promoting your Facebook posts. You’ve put some budget behind a range of content approaches to see which content type and which copy style gives you the best engagement rate and you’ve gained some insights to use in your next campaign. You’ve got some pleasing engagement on your best performing posts – a lot of likes, some comments and even several shares. A percentage of people that engaged with your posts also followed your call to action and clicked through to your blog or website. What’s more, a proportion of them converted into new customers. Yes – mission accomplished! Your social strategy is winning you new business!

Next, you do all the nasty number crunching and you’re over the moon to report a positive ROI for your social campaign. You’ve also hit all your KPI’s so everyone’s happy right? But could your campaign be delivering you even more value for money? Are you leaving potential new Facebook page likes on the table? Unless you’ve been carrying out this simple secondary campaign activity, then there’s a good chance that you are!

It’s simple (and free) to gain additional page likes after your Facebook campaign has finished. Just scroll through your Facebook page and stop on the posts which you promoted in your campaign. Click on the small blue thumb-shaped ‘like’ icon sitting beneath your post. This will display all the names of the people who liked this post. At this point, you can see whether or not they already like your actual Facebook page and if they don’t then you can invite them to like your page! Simple!

If you go through and do this for all the many people who have liked your promoted posts but haven’t liked your page, the number of invites you’ll send out will soon mount up! Then it’s just a case of sitting back and letting the Facebook page likes stack up and of course to report your additional campaign success!

If you plan to carry out this activity, it’s worth keeping in mind that not everyone you invite will accept your invite – don’t take it personally! But if you carry out this activity shortly after your campaign finishes, then the conversion rate will be higher as people are more likely to remember that they engaged with your brand post. It’s also worth noting that you can use this approach for your organic posts too. You’ll find that most people who like your organic posts will already have liked your Facebook page, but for top performing organic posts, you’ll find a higher proportion of new people liking your post that haven’t already liked your page, so focus your energies on these posts. And if you want to create some top performing organic posts to harvest page likes from, then you could always try hosting a Facebook Live broadcast on your page – for free!

As always, we’d love to hear how you get on!

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