ChannelAdvisor launch 2014 Spring release

ChannelAdvisor have released details of the improvements that they will be making to their multichannel ecommerce platform as part of their spring 2014 update.

As they note on the page, here’s the crux of the update:

“Smarter Digital Marketing: We’ve calmed the chaos of managing disparate online advertising programs, bringing paid search, product listing ads, comparison shopping, display ads, social and more under one umbrella — with added functionality to boot! We’ve added a Portfolio Bidder to help you bid smarter and maximize profits. We’ve also added support for the new Google Merchant Promotions.

Smarter Repricing: Our new Pricewatch feature keeps an eye on your Amazon product listings, monitoring your competitors’ price changes and repricing in near-real-time to make sure you’re winning the Buy Box.

Smarter Fulfillment: Our Multiple Distribution Centers feature with Smart Order Routing manages your distributed quantity across multiple locations and automatically determines where orders are filled based on goals you set.

Smarter Marketplaces: We’re not just helping you sell more on marketplaces, we’re helping you become a better seller with overselling protection, business policy support and more — so you can maintain and enhance your seller status.

Smarter Webstores: The ChannelAdvisor Webstores Amplifier not only merges the online and offline worlds, it also ensures that you have access to all the webstore capabilities you need while maintaining your catalog within our platform. As a result, you’re never locked in to one webstore.”

And if you want more details on the updates, there’s also a downloadable ebook and a stack of tips sheets too for your reading pleasure.
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