Celebrate Customer Stories: Make Instagram Analytics Actionable

by Andrew Higgins November 11, 2015
November 11, 2015

There are still gaps in the analytics solutions and data platforms available to marketers today. Analytics remain fragmented across many different channels, marketing data is often inconsistent across even the most reputable software solutions, and CRM for consumer brands still lags far behind the innovation we’ve seen in the B2B space.

Yet where most marketers fail with data is not the ability to collect it, but rather using it to effect meaningful change. By themselves, analytics don’t do anything to help market and develop a brand. Being able to generate insights and stories from data is the mark of a truly effecting marketer.

When we built our free Instagram analytics tool, we offered marketers an easy way to collect key metrics about their brand’s own handle performance, and the track hashtags about their brand across Instagram. But collecting data is only the first half of the puzzle.

Here we offer three easy ways to derive business value from your Instagram analytics:

1. Celebrate Customer Stories: Once you’ve started to track Instagram followers and have identified key brand evangelists posting about and celebrating your brand—Share it! Publish customer photos back to Instagram from your own brand handle, on your website, or in an email campaign. There is no more powerful way to articulate a brand, product, or service than through real customer stories– 92% of consumers trust earned media more than any other form advertising!

2. Amplify your Brand Influencers: 4.7% of your customers will generate 100% of your word of mouth. In a social world where your most influential customers often have global reach, those individuals matter now more than ever. As Influencer Marketing becomes a larger initiative for marketing teams, being able to quickly discover and connect with influential consumers already talking about your brand is essential. So don’t just measure the reach of your customer conversation, engage with customers and amplify the conversation with your own brand channels. People love being able to have 1:1 interactions with the brands they love and are way more likely to continue to engage and promote your brand once you create that two-way conversation.

3. Influence Omni-channel Content: Instagram is the social media platform with the highest level of brand engagement by a significant margin. This makes it not only a great relationship platform, but also a powerful way to identify trends in the type of message and content that is resonating with consumers. Too often social is treated as a separate channel from the rest of marketing. The relatively high velocity of content and customer interaction on Instagram make it a great way to test different messages and types of creative. Don’t let these engagement metrics sit in a CSV somewhere on your laptop– use your Instagram insights to inform your brand’s positioning across all your marketing channels.


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