Boost Christmas Sales with Online Video

  • All retailers want to maximise their sales and the Christmas trading period is for most lead to extra sales.

    Figures released from Com Score in January 2012 revealed that web video reached 80 percent of the total internet audience in the UK – this equates to 34 million people. Every retailer who diligently monitors their competitors, suppliers and general consumer behaviour cannot fail to see the increased prevalence of such video. Retailers like the immediacy of video: its ability to build brand and ad personality to their business to give them a competitive advantage. Internet video can address many different aspects of the business – from ‘meet the team’ presentations to very specific and detailed product videos. Online video is used for reviews, testimonials and after sales customer service.

    Even retailers who do not sell directly via ecommerce realise that potential customers will look at their website to check out products and services, as well as to gain an overall impression of the business and its service.

    The benefits of online video

    When planning a Christmas marketing campaign, video can be an effective part of the mix. Correctly done videos can help companies achieve high Google rankings in a shorter period of time than traditional word based websites. Why? Well, Google values what its customers’ value – and we have already seen that video is something they increasingly value when searching to buy products and services.

    The good news is that online video can be commissioned, filmed and edited quickly. Even if the Christmas products lines are not finalised until late in the year, retailers can still leverage the power of internet video marketing The video then be tagged and titled, uploaded to the internet and can start having an immediate impact on Search Engine Ranking Positions.

    The videos can be used in other places than the website; they are brilliant for all online video marketing including blogging, social sharing platforms such as Facebook and use on forums. All this activity will, in turn and in time, increase the performance of the website in Google searches for their busiest and most profitable part of the trading year. Online video is a great marketing tool as it can help companies achieve improved search engine rankings, which in turn – if the website and the goods/services are good enough.