AI-powered martech releases and news: Jan. 18

It’s not your imagination: 89% of engineers working on LLMs/genAI say their models have issues with hallucinations.

Beware of hallucinations: 89% of engineers in companies using LLMs and generative AI models (chatbots, virtual assistants) say their models show signs of hallucination, according to Aporia’s “AI & ML Report: Evolution of Models & Solutions.” The hallucinations range from factual errors to content that’s biased and even dangerous.

And speaking of bias: 83% of respondents prioritize monitoring for AI bias in projects, despite facing challenges such as identifying the biased data, inadequate monitoring tools, and a lack of understanding of the implications of bias. The company surveyed 1,000 ML professionals based in North America and the United Kingdom working at companies with 500-7,000 employees for the report (registration required).

Here are this week’s AI-powered martech releases:

  • Generaitiv creates AI image generator bots customized for digital communities. The bots generate and share unique images based on simple text prompts, increasing online engagement and brand awareness. Generaitiv also has its own token, $ GAI, which enables users to access premium features on the platform, such as custom AI model training. 
  • Vidnoz’s Voice Clone lets users clone their voices and speak in different languages with natural tones. This helps brands create personalized and recognizable video content that appeals to their audience. Vidnoz also offers other AI tools, such as AI Talking Photo, AI Cartoon Generator and AI Background Remover. 
  • Typeform’s Formless creates conversational forms that can ask and answer questions. This helps companies collect high-quality customer data at scale while providing an engaging customer experience. Formless jas customizable templates, multilingual support and easy integration.
  • Intellimize creates and optimizes landing pages. It generates personalized copy based on the target audience, persona, or account, and users can guide the AI with prompts and edit the content. Intellimize also offers a visual editor for easy customization and alignment with the brand’s voice and message. 
  • AtData’s AtData Quality Score lets organizations segment and qualify their customer databases. The score analyzes the organization’s top customers using various signals and data sources, such as email activity, demographics, purchase behavior and spend propensity. 
  • Ada and Dixa have partnered to enable customer service teams to provide instant resolutions, continuous improvement and elevated agents. The partnership allows users to onboard the Ada AI Agent to the Dixa Knowledge Base, analyze and coach the AI Agent’s performance, and handoff to a specialized agent within Dixa’s platform. 
  • Rakuten Advertising’s Partnership Discovery uses AI to help advertisers find the most effective publisher partners for product-specific affiliate campaigns. The feature can help advertisers drive higher audience engagement and more revenue, and publishers showcase the strengths of their audiences. Users can filter search results by category sales ratio, classification, business model, and partnership
  • lgolia’s Generative Shopping Experiences creates unique online shopping experiences. The functions include: Product comparisons based on features and preferences; product reviews provide personalized and relevant reviews from other users or owners of the product; buyer guides help customers find the right product for their situation or occasion; query refinement uses AI chat agents to assist shoppers throughout their shopping journey and narrow down their choices based on queries and feedback.
  • Constructor’s AI Shopping Assistant is a conversational product discovery tool that creates personalized and optimized recommendations. The tool can address use cases and queries such as: Finding recipes and procuring ingredients, finding occasion-appropriate apparel and identifying relevant items across categories.
  • Splash’s Attendance Insights predicts event attendance based on similar events hosted on Splash, Attendance Insights also provides data-backed recommendations to improve expected attendance. It makes attendance predictions and strategic recommendations based on past performance of a customer’s events, as well as the performance of comparable events from other customers. 
  • Eagle Eye’s EagleAI uses retailers’ existing customer data to generate personalized promotions for consumers at scale. This helps retailers move from mass promotions to segmentation to curated offers and communications created specifically for individuals. 


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