AI-powered martech releases and news: April 18

Businesses are apparently still not concerned that the chatbots they are deploying widely continue to give false answers.

AI-powered martech releases and news: April 18

Try not to be too shocked: Businesses continue to deploy chatbots knowing they can give false answers, according to The Washington Post.

It gave the example of tech entrepreneur Vivek Wadwha asking WhatsApp’s new AI “who he was, then what he’s famous for, and finally what he’s ‘infamous’ for. … In response to the last question, the bot described a 2014 blog post accusing Wadhwa of plagiarism, complete with a byline, date and formal citation. As you may have guessed at this point, the blog post doesn’t exist.”

They are a “work in progress,” the companies say. User beware!

Now, here are this week’s AI-powered martech releases and news:

  • Overcast HQ added AI-powered automated video metadata tagging and conversational search capabilities.
  • Pipedrive has five AI tools to speed tasks across sales, simplify communication and help teams effectively close more deals. Features include summarizing long email threads, helping draft emails, finding patterns to recommend high-potential deals.
  • PubMatic and GroupM have partnered on a product with cohort-based modeling capabilities for advertisers. It leverages a distributed AI model to provide scaled targeting across multiple publishers simultaneously, ensuring privacy-first ad buying at scale.
  • CommentSold’s AI ClipHero is an AI-powered shoppable video generator for live sellers that automatically generates social-ready, platform-optimized content from live video replays with a single click.
  • Adjust’s InSight is a mobile analytics solution. Features include synthetic control groups that eliminate data variables; Incremental models that consider many external variables like seasonality; and the ability to run multiple data experiments and get results within minutes.
  • Impact Media is an AI-powered media buying platform billing clients only when a display ad is seen for one second or a video ad for three seconds. The products will roll out to CTV and audio.
  • (nee Squadhelp) has added AI-powered features to its naming and branding solution. These include trained AI personas to analyze domain names at scale using various demographic and aspiration trends; generating names based on bigger concepts like emotion or style and not just industry keywords; and AI-based brand alignment tools.
  •’s XO V11.0 combines SLMs, LLMs, GenAI and CAI into one solution to drive business value at scale for enterprises. It simplifies building and managing intelligent virtual assistants, optimizes search capabilities, improves transitions from automated services to human agents, and assists with contact center or help desk management. 
  • Pega’s Pega GenAI coach is a generative AI-powered chatbot to help people use Pega’s products. It can also access information synthesized by Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy to bring relevant enterprise knowledge directly to users as they work on cases. 
  • Stravito’s Stravito Assistant prompts agents to ask follow-up and clarifying questions in hope of delivering useful and applicable information. Each response is footnoted throughout, so users can click through to the source material for more details. Responses can also be sorted by time and location to reflect the dynamic nature of insights and how they can vary by region.
  • Button’s Button for Publishers uses AI to maximize publisher revenue from commerce partnerships by identifying the best path to conversion.
  • Zendesk’s AI agents for workflow automation, agent copilot, workforce management and quality assurance. Capabilities include: Personalized intents to give agents an understanding of customer needs to deliver better answers; simple ways to create robust knowledge bases and use generative search; and reporting to track and measure KPIs and AI predictions.


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