90% of Your Emails Are Being Opened on a Phone

— March 8, 2019

90% of Your Emails Are Being Opened on a Phone

The latest email stats are in, and the shift to mobile has only continued. The latest analyses show that 59% of all emails are opened on a mobile device. This number has been steadily rising over the last decade, up from just 25% in 2012. And it includes people who are using email for work, which is more often done on a desktop or laptop computer.

So if you want to know how many of your consumers are opening up your marketing emails on their phones, is getting closer and closer to all of them. One company even reports that as many as 90% of all their email opens are happening on phones.

Think about that for a second. And before we determine what to do about it, consider your thinking if we knew the reverse. If we knew that only 10% of emails were being opened on phone, and that number was only likely to decrease, would we even give mobile optimizations a second thought?

No. And that’s the point. Desktop and laptop email readers will likely never drop to 0%. But there is never going to be a reverse of the current trend. More and more email users will be on mobile devices.

So why are you still designing emails for desktop clients? Why do you care so much what your emails look like on a desktop?

You shouldn’t. Your sole focus when thinking about emails, writing emails, and designing emails to be used in marketing should be – how is this going to feel/look/read on a phone?

Luckily, we find ourselves in the year 2019. There are established best practices for mobile emails – to ensure they load correctly, fit the screen, are easy to read, with buttons easy to click on.

Why aren’t you familiar with them yet? Why isn’t your email team using them?

Your competitors are.

When it comes to email, it’s no longer mobile-first. It’s mobile-only. From today forward, when you think “email”, think “mobile”. We shouldn’t even have to say it. The “mobile” should be implied.

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