7 Quick Ways to Turn LinkedIn into a Relationship-Building and Engagement Workhorse

  • By , Published November 4, 2014

    LinkedIn just isn’t that complicated. 7 Quick Ways to Turn LinkedIn into a Relationship Building and Engagement Workhorse image 1bafb357.jpg7

    Oh, sure, its evolved from an online resume to a content platform and there’s all the new updates out every year, but really, when it comes down to it, there are only a handful of things that actually matter, a handful of things you really need to know.

    Get these things right – keep these things as the basis for every LinkedIn decision – and things are going to work out.

    On the other hand, ignore these simple truths and using LinkedIn will always feel like a hard, confusing struggle.

    These truths, as I’ve called them, aren’t tactics at all; they’re merely an acknowledgement to how the world’s most successful LinkedIn users use this social networking platform today.

    LinkedIn means business, connections, and most importantly selling!

    LinkedIn is all about business, connections, and selling, all in a sleek system that continues to attract new members, develop new capabilities and build its value to business professionals.

    The reality is that LinkedIn belongs in organizations and each department and individual is charged with using social behavior to meet their objectives and add value to relationships.

    All you really need to know about LinkedIn

    From day one it’s been said that the proper use of LinkedIn is for engagement, not sales.

    But when you think about it – successful LinkedIn users know effective selling has always been about engagement first, because true engagement happens between people.

    Effective business involves:

    • networking,
    • nurturing and
    • connecting

    On a one to one basis and the successful users grab whatever assets they can to build and sustain meaningful, long-term relationships.

    So, what you really need to know about LinkedIn is how to embraced the best use of it to effectively build relationships and increase engagement.

    From my experience the best use comes from the list below:

    1. Identify very specific ideal clients
    2. Connect with friends of friends of existing clients
    3. Mine networks for potential opportunities
    4. Keep tabs of what’s going on in a client’s world
    5. Personalize content on a case by case basis
    6. Engage in sharing with and for clients and prospects
    7. Make introductions that turn into referrals

    I don’t know about you, but the entire list above, is all you really need to know about LinkedIn and sounds like engagement and relationship building of the highest order – the kind that can’t really happen in a mass way – the kind that successful LinkedIn Business Professionals have always employed.

    You see, LinkedIn really is all about effective selling.

    Now that we know the real scoop and the impact of LinkedIn it’s time for you and your organization to wake up.

    Question: How do you use LinkedIn to build relationships and increase engagement?

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