7 Killer Strategies For Successful Lead Generation

7 Killer Strategies For Successful Lead Generation

Customers expect a great experience whenever they engage with businesses. In order to fulfill these expectations, businesses should also inculcate lead generation strategies to acquire and retain customers. And acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

Thus, lead generation ideas are an integral part of any business strategy. Expert marketers agree that lead generation best practices are the most important element in their marketing arsenal. It helps to increase your business conversion rates and gain huge profits.

Let us discuss the key strategies for lead generation

1. Live chat for real time sales assistance

Businesses have to focus on delivering real time sales assistance to increase their rate of conversions. Live chat is considered as one of the best lead generation channels and preferred by the customers.

By using live chat you can empower your sales team to connect with your customers and answer their sales queries that help them to make quick decisions. Live chat reduces the process of the sales cycle by proactively engaging them when they get stuck in the product or checkout page.

When you are able to meet your customers’ queries at the right moment when they require, you deliver a great live chat sales experience and reduces the bounce rate.

2. Chatbots to automate your lead generation

Chatbots are a great strategy for successful lead generation. You can automate the repetitive sales tasks with bots. With bots, you can broaden your reach to a large number of customers without affecting sales team productivity.

Bots allow you to identify your target audience and segment them based on their interests, needs, expectations. They can qualify leads by preset questionnaire when your sales team is not available. You can nurture your qualified leads based on their entire journey for making a final sale.

You can also deliver a hybrid support experience by using a bot for simple queries and live support for complex conversations.

3. Live engagement tools for real-time sales assistance

Where messaging loses its impact, visual engagement comes in. At times, your customers might encounter problems when they are on your website. The problems could be in understanding the product demo video, queries related to subscription plans, etc.

By using live customer engagement tools like co-browsing, video chat you can deliver real time assistance to your customers. With co-browsing solution, you can collaborate with customers’ browsers and jointly navigate to fill up complex forms or applications to complete the sales process.

With live video chat or co-browsing, you can offer a sales demo to give a good understanding of the products or services that help in making quick decisions for sale. Having a face to face chat develops personalized communication with the customers.

4. Social media for lead generation

Social media can prove to be an effective lead generation channels. Social platforms help businesses to build stronger relationships with customers and expand customer base. It helps to generate leads and move them to your sales funnel.

Social media advertising with lead generation ads by the popular social channels i.e.Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help to collect direct leads. You can run contests on social channels to acquire more leads.

You can gate your valuable content and share it across social channels. Thus, you will gather relevant social media leads.

5. Omni channel strategy to be where your customers are

Omni channel approach is an effective lead generation strategy. It enables businesses to connect with customers across their preferred channels like phone, email, in-app, website, store, etc. and deliver a unified experience.

Businesses that provide a consistent service quality across multiple touchpoints retain 89% of their customers. With the help of omni channel communication strategy, you can gain valuable customer insights into their previous interactions with your brand to meet their expectations. You can identify your lead generation goals and measure the activities.

You can determine how will you generate leads by inbound marketing, or looking for new prospects. Thus, delivering an optimal omnichannel experience and increase opportunities to interact with customers.

6. Develop valuable content

Content marketing strategy is more effective for your business success. It mainly depends on the quality of content that you prepare and how interactive is the content to engage your customers and capture interested leads.

You are supposed to create content by identifying your target audience and that is relevant to them. There are different types of content but you need to focus on lead and traffic generating content like social media posts, blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, discounts & coupons, free trial, etc.

You should focus on writing high converting content by adding visuals and incorporate keywords. Then you can distribute your content across the right channels to effectively execute your content plan.

7. Smartly use your Call To Action (CTA)

Usually, when you land a website you come across “Sign up for a Free Trial” or “Shop now”. These are a call to actions or CTAs that act as prompts for the website visitors or customers that encourages them to carry out specific actions.

CTAs should be wisely used across the website for effective lead generation. While placing CTAs you need to follow some best practices such as right color, shape & size of the button, unique words, value proposition, etc. to grab the attention of the visitor instantly. Lead generation for your business greatly depend on the judiciously using CTAs.


For successful lead generation, businesses need to thoroughly understand the customer profiles and choose the right lead generation channels. Lead generation is an ongoing process to engage with your customers and prospects. By using the lead generation strategies discussed above, you can acquire more customers, retain them and accelerate overall revenue growth.

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7 Killer Strategies For Successful Lead Generation

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