7 Key Strategies to Generate More Leads from Social Media

Social media can serve as a gateway for high quality leads. Businesses often underutilize the power of social media in generating vital leads and spend a lot on other channels of digital marketing in source of leads. Social media is an interactive platform for connecting with people so as to exchange, create and share information and ideas through virtual communities. Moreover, in doing that it not only imparts knowledge but also interacts which makes it a two way street unlike the traditional media where the scope of interaction is limited or narrow. Here, I share the top 7 key strategies that every business must adopt in order to generate quality leads from social media:

1. Crowdsource Content And Build Community

Crowdsourcing is the process of getting required content, ideas and work by soliciting contributions from a diverse crowd usually online in which independent and self-identified volunteers contribute their bit in adding value to the final result. For an effective content crowdsourcing, the key is to build the network group that may involve entrepreneurs, businessmen, government officials, academicians or community leaders who are a great source in reaching out to calibre content curators and building a community. In building community via crowdsourcing, the people outside the organization contribute and the division of labour provides the best results that are drawn by truncating and keeping the best in class thus creating an amazing set of people who add value to the community.

2. Target Customer Personas

Enhancing the user experience automatically helps to generate vital leads and increase ROI. This can be done by targeting the customer persona’s, which helps us to understand the audiences needs, wants and preferences. In a marketing scenario if one can get into the audience shoe, the communication will be more effective; hence customer personas which are near representatives of the audience are created so that the audience can connect to them and relate to them. A well-developed persona will have farfetched results and help in making decisions more efficiently and effectively.


3. Use Vine And Set The Stage To Become The Most Talked About Page On Facebook

Vine has become the talk of the town, it’s one of the fastest growing Facebook page in the U.S .celebrating millions of likes in less than a few months and the likes are surging with its popularity going international. Videos from vine that are posted to best vines Facebook page gain huge amount of shares and great scores in terms of likes and comments. Vine, the new app lets you create a six second video sharing network with friends and followers across the vine network. The process involves downloading and installing the app, signing in with twitter and finally allowing twitter to authenticate vine for you, and you are ready to create history.

4. Connect With Top Influencers And Make Your Content Go Viral

Practicing a regular outreach to connect with the people who might help in generating leads plays a vital role in getting visibility. Connecting with the community via fan discussions or a general chit chat can be highly influencing. For bloggers it is important to mention great influences in order to be noticed and go viral. Linkedin is designed to connect with the business associates, and it is easy to connect with top influencers. Commenting on the influencers content and then asking for connection. Also mentioning influencers and setting up Google alert to let them know when their names get mentioned helps in getting visibility.


5. Be Polite In Answering Customer’s Queries And Include CTA Choices

Any query on social media needs a careful handling, the customer is the king tag line follows here too. The way a concern is addressed says a lot about the company. A proper humble social media call to action entice the social media audience with a keen focus on the next action plan you wish them to take. The concern may not be addressed then and there, but the assurance will pay good dividends. Motivating the prospects and putting the CTA options in the right hierarchy of importance, is very critical and helps in determining what you want prospects to do. The intention is to keep it unproblematic and easy so that the readers will want to be engaged further without getting bugged.

6. Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors With Sponsored Posts, Tweets And Secret Tools

Creating a social media strategy to get the best aftermath for generating leads and referrals, augmenting website traffic and building a customer loyalty are a must for any business house. A promoted post to a community driven website will have a better chance of visibility and fame vis a vis others. These sponsored posts are like advertisements that help in drawing a large heap of people featured on the most viewed pages. Promoted or sponsored tweets are beneficial in targeting specific audiences; nonfollowers by gender, geography, language can also be encompassed.  Various analytical tools like KISSmetrics and Google Analytics facilitates you to acknowledge the specific user engagement and the customers to fully understand your products and services.


7. Leverage The Power Of Visual Content

The web world is brimming with literature and provides a ubiquitous platform to all. Since 90% of the information that is transmitted is visual, social media plays a major role in making this communication easy which is both sapid and absorbed. In terms of business, the infographics help in greater traffic as compared to those who do not use visual content for business augmenting. What shows, sells and visual content has made a mark in this context, a visual image speaks more that what cannot be conveyed otherwise so, social media should utilize the power of the visual content to its maximum limit so that everyone can benefit from it.

The above mentioned points will tremendously help in increasing the inbound traffic. The higher the quality content syndicated on social media, the higher the traffic generated, and more traffic means higher leads and more conversions.

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7 Key Strategies to Generate More Leads from Social Media

Written by Joydeep Bhattacharya, Seo Sandwitch

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