7 Easy Hacks For Amazon Store Optimization

October 9, 2016

When you think of SEO, you generally focus exclusively on Google. While Google itself is undoubtedly the biggest search engine in the world now, but then if you consider e-commerce , Amazon is far more important considering it has three times the higher volume of products.

Therefore, as an SEO enthusiast, you simply cannot afford to ignore the Amazon Store, due to the large volume of traffic as well as search queries in handles. This makes the Amazon marketplace or Amazon Store not only an important sales tool for online business but equally important for Amazon itself.

The basic understanding

If you are serious about optimizing your product on the Amazon Store then it’s imperative for you to obtain some basic knowledge on how product listing in Amazon happens. Now, Amazon uses its own unique algorithm Amazon A9.

amazon a9 algorithm

Amazon combines the two components of consumer interaction and product information to optimize products through the A9 algorithm. Apart from that, product ranking on Amazon also depends on the following factors –

  • Product Page Optimization
  • Seller Rank
  • Pageviews & CTR

Another aspect that you as an internet marketer should have knowledge about, is the tools for optimization. As you know, keywords play a crucial role in any search engine optimization process. This is no different for Amazon, therefore, as an SEO enthusiast keyword search tools like KeywordTool.io and Keyword Tool Dominator can be real handy.

amazon virtuous optimization cycle

Tips for Amazon Store Optimization

The search bar remains the primary way to locate items on the shopping store though customers can browse items through the categories on the left-hand side of the page. Amazon’s search function identifies keywords from product titles and descriptions, manufacturers, designers/brands or search terms.

Therefore, once you know the basics of the optimization process in Amazon, you can go through the list of tips to optimize your product on the shopping portal.

1. Product Titles

Product titles are key to the process and should be full of keywords. It should have a customer-friendly structure and use the space in whole. However, titles should avoid caps, asterisks, punctuation and other special characters.

Moreover, as customers can search for a product in varied ways it’s important to experiment and know what works and what doesn’t in product titles.

2. Search terms and index

When highlighting a search term, it is important to optimize multiple search terms. Avoid using the same words that appear on the title in the description of the product or otherwise.

Again Amazon’s search index takes into account the price, sales history and availability of a product. A better selling product simply rises up the search list and Amazon hardly shuffles these results.

3. Browse Nodes

Browse nodes are product codes that help to identify products from the categories. A merchant can opt for two codes for every item. This helps in providing more information for a product and increases its visibility in the marketplace.

4. Filtered Navigation and Product Variation

Filtered navigation, though a recent addition, it allows the merchant to offer further detailed information about a product. Moreover, as customers use this tool to search more relevant items, therefore, it’s important to include detailed information about a product in the product listing.

Product variation again is a tool that sellers can use to offer customers a glimpse of their product range. This can be done by providing an SKU of the product which establishes every product’s parentage. Users by using these tools get to check different products from the same product page.

5. Product Description

The product description is undoubtedly a very important optimization tool. See, different customers search for the same product in different ways or for different purposes. To cater to different types of customers, putting a short crisp description with every product is important.

Make the description within 200 words, comprising the important details of the product. An effective way is to include the features of the product in bullets, which adds to the broadcast appeal of the product.

6. Product Images

One of the most important components of online marketing is the image of the product. As Amazon is a virtual shopping medium images play a vital role in driving conversions.

Ideal images should occupy 80% of the space and should be 500×500 pixels. Images shouldn’t have any borders, seller’s logos, watermarks or any other texts and should be in a white background.

7. Pricing

Comparative pricing is an effective way of ensuring steady conversions. It is important that customers are told how much they are saving on every purchase. Amazon thus, offers two different forms of comparative pricing – a “Sale” price and a “Was” price.


The above-given points are just a quick guide on tips that will help you to optimize your product and elevate a product’s sale. The process of optimization is a detailed one and if you really want to know how to rank your product on the Amazon store, it’s important you consult experts for quick effective results.

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Author: Sarah Clark