6 Proven Tips To Improve Ecommerce Conversions 

The average conversion rate of an ecommerce site is between 2-3%. It is hard to generate conversions because there are so many options available before the customers.

Nowadays, there is a niche store available for almost every commercial search query which makes it hard for you to attract visitors to your store.

Besides, bigger brands like Amazon are already ruling the charts because they have high budgets to improve their organic presence and remain present at every stage of the buyer journey.

Hence, as an ecommerce store owner, if you want to boost your site conversion rate, you’ll have to leverage the power of tools that offer in-depth insights on landing pages and use the top CRO tips.

Here are six top CRO tips to increase your conversions:

1- Work On Page Loading Time

Online shoppers are unique. They are always in a hurry, and for that reason, they get frustrated with websites that take long to open.

A recent study established that websites that take more than 3 seconds to load record a higher bounce rate. At least 40% of visitors will bounce back when they realize a website is taking a long time to load.

Therefore, you should focus more on reducing the website load time or latency if you want to drive traffic and convert users to buyers. Your site should load faster to increase the conversion rate.

Apply these tips to improve your website loading speed:

  • Ensure all the CSS and HTML files on your website are compressed.
  • Use a lightweight theme for your site. Themes with more features tend to slow your load time.
  • Analyze your site speed using tools like Google Page Insights or Pingdom.
  • Include a cache plugin on your site and remove outdated plugins.
  • Post small-sized images and videos or use an alternative platform like YouTube to host your videos and audios.

2- Create Social Proof

Consumer data and ecommerce analytics are already shaping the ecommerce trends.

Do you want to know what customers love to see when they land on your site? It’s proof that you are genuine. If you want your customers to trust your brand, you have to provide social proof on the site.

Publish customer reviews on your product pages to build credibility and help your customers choose your brand.

Your brand reviews will appear on most social media platforms, and you can drive more traffic when potential customers share and read your review on social forums.

Don’t be afraid of negative customer critics on your brand because it also helps grow your business. You learn a lot from negative feedback and improve your products and services.

Apart from integrating customers’ reviews on your website, you can also create social proof on your site with customer testimonials, case studies, and the number of clients. You can also show a customer that your business is legitimate by publishing your license number, accreditation, and partners’ list.

3- Integrate Pop-Ups On The Site

When applied well, pop-ups can increase conversion rates by at least 9%. For most websites, the average conversion rate for pop-ups is about 3.09%.

Every site can use pop-ups to improve user engagement and convert more visitors. For example, when you include pop-up asking visitors to subscribe to your email list, you get the chance to send them direct emails and inform them of amazing offers in the future. Here are some tips for using pop-ups on your site.

  • Use a pop-up tool to set a cookie and only allow it to appear once for every visit.
  • The pop-up should be visible with the ‘cancel button’ accessible. It should be easier for the user to cancel the pop-up. Again, the pop-up should not block useful content on your site.
  • Make your pop-ups less annoying by setting a reasonable delay time, like 30 seconds.
  • The pop-up should come with an offer like PDF, gift, discount, or premium content. You can try different offers until you settle on one that suits your site.

4- Minimize Form Fields

Yes, collecting information from your customers is good for your content strategy and personalization. However, most customers are offended by long forms on online stores. Having too many required fields on the form scares your visitors away.

It creates a perception that you want to know more about the customers. Since most individuals are concerned about internet privacy, they are likely to bounce from a site with unnecessary fields.

Therefore, you should remove all unnecessary form fields and only leave those that help you collect useful information from your audience. For every field you remove from your forms, you can realize a significant increase in conversion rate.

5- Create Distraction Free Pages

Nothing is annoying to visitors like visiting a website that keeps redirecting them to different pages.

A website landing page should be easy to navigate to get the information they are looking for on time. That said, you should ensure the landing page is concise and clear with no irrelevant content.

Only include content that your users would like to see on each page. If you want to boost your landing page, you can add testimonials, create content with headlines and subheaders, and include a benefit and features section on the page. You can also include social proof to establish credibility and a chatbox to increase engagement.

6- Adopt The Best CTA

The easiest way of increasing conversion rate is by asking visitors to buy your products or subscribe to your products. However, you have to remain smart in your call-to-action – the conventional methods like ‘sign up’ may not work for modern customers.

Improve your CTAs to make them look like you are talking to the customer personally. Here is an example of the best CTA copy for your landing page; Yes, I want my gift package.

In this formula, you CTA must begin with ‘Yes,’ followed by your offer to the customer. If you don’t have time for creating the best CTAs, you can use tools like Crazy Egg to test different CTAs and find one that works best for your site.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your site conversation rate in many ways. You have to reduce your site load time, post relevant content, and use pop-ups to increase engagement.

Make your visitors stay on the site for long, using interactive content and videos so that you convert them to buyers. For a more direct way to increase conversion, integrate powerful and persuasive CTAs on your site.

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