5 Ways To Make Your Facebook Festive

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December 24, 2014


We are all feeling the festive spirit this time of the year. Christmas trees adorn entryways, stringed lights sparkle in the streets, and kids write wish lists to Santa. Now is the perfect opportunity to enthuse customers with the same holiday cheer using Facebook! Consumers are on Facebook browsing old friends’ Christmas festivities and hunting for the best holiday deals. Your Facebook page will need a makeover for the holidays to transform Facebook visitors into regular customers. Everybody may be on holiday break, but don’t neglect your Facebook. Your next customers are actually surfing Facebook in their free time. Instead allocate extra time and expertise towards Facebook like, bringing in a team of social media professionals.

5 Facebook page tips you’ll want to follow this holiday season:

Change your profile and cover photo

Show your excitement for the holidays through your profile and cover photos. Upload pictures of your products and store festivities. You can also customize a holiday inspired profile and cover photo using your logo and a holiday backdrop.

Engage with holiday themed posts

Speak to your audience with unique posts that involve your brand. Create holiday hashtags to share the holiday spirit with your audience. Interact with your customers by asking them to post their recent purchases from your business.

Create special promotions

Post holiday promotions exclusively geared towards your Facebook followers. Many businesses offer amazing promotions on the holidays, so consider posting different promotions that communicate gift giving. You can turn your promotion into a contest by creating holiday trivia that reflects your brand.

Display festive decorations

Take photos and videos while decorating your Christmas tree. Ask your audience for decoration suggestions. Also, post cool gift-wrapping DIYs of your products. When your holiday layout is complete show your followers a quick tour.

Countdown to Christmas

Mark off the days till Christmas using a fun countdown. Use brand giveaways to get customers excited for the arrival of Christmas. A countdown is also a great way to feature your gift ideas from your business.

With more people on Facebook during the festive season it’s a great time to capture your audiences’ attention with exciting content.

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