Where Should You Start Your Next Business? [Infographic]

  • May 25, 2016

    It doesn’t matter where you start your business as long as your idea is good. Read that again. Let it soak in. There’s no magic bullet that makes businesses succeed in Silicon Valley or Austin or Boston. There are favorable business climates that can help your business succeed- places where taxes are low and capital is readily available- but that alone won’t make your business succeed.

    People are also a crucial factor for helping your business succeed. Not only do you need to be surrounded by a community that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, but also you need to be able to draw from a talent pool. People are critical to your company’s success.

    Some of the places that rate highest for small business survivability might surprise you. Of course California and Washington are on the list. But would it surprise you to learn that Colorado is also on that list? What about Oregon? And way out in left field you’ll also find Wyoming on that list, thanks to its favorable tax climate for small businesses.

    There are also some specific cities that foster an entrepreneurial spirit more than others in the United States. Austin, Texas has the most favorable climate for entrepreneurs of any city in the United States. That’s not a big surprise, but some of the cities that make the list might be. Would you think of Salt Lake City or Minneapolis as great places to start your next business? Fargo, North Dakota- yes, the place where the murder movie took place- comes in at number ten in the nation for the most business-friendly places to locate your startup.

    No matter where you are, start with a good idea that fills a need and your business will do well. You don’t have to be located in Silicon Valley or Boston, at least not at first. Learn more about where top entrepreneurs come from and what it takes to start a business from this infographic!


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