5 Top Organizational Tools to Give Structure to Your Business

Running a business is no walk in the park. There are many details to consider, and you want to ensure everything runs smoothly. As your business grows, you may find yourself facing additional challenges.

Most business experts recommend emphasizing organization from the get-go to save yourself stress later on. It’s so much to scale with new tools or employees when you have a strong foundation or organization already in place.

Thankfully, free and inexpensive technology makes staying organized much more manageable. Check out the top organizational tools that can help you optimize your work life and have you feeling more accomplished at the end of every day.


When it comes to managing your work activities, Trello is one of the best. It is the cream of the crop when it comes to getting all the tasks that need done and having complete visibility into what everyone is doing.

With Trello, you can visualize your work progress and see updates from any collaborators in real-time. So, instead of calling everyone every day to know what they’re up to, you can just do a quick check online.

With a card-based layout, Trello lets you map tasks into cards and assign them to people. You can write a brief about each task and give every assignee all the necessary tools and details to get the job done. You can assign due dates so everyone is clear when tasks need to be completed.

If the work is complex, Trello allows you to add multiple team members to each task. Trello makes it easy to attach photos, videos, and other documents. You can also easily highlight job priorities to make sure your most important work gets done on time.


When people work, they need to get paid. With Invoice2go, you can ensure that payments are as quick and as effective as possible.

Invoice2go is an all-in-one tool that helps you manage invoicing and payments, ensuring that you can get money to those who need to get paid as quickly and seamlessly as possible. But, it would be wrong just to narrow down what this service does to just payments. Invoice2go also helps you manage your cash flow, grow your presence on social media, and improve your relationships with customers and suppliers.

The primary function of Invoice2go is to improve payment efficiency. So, the service comes with an invoicing app, a payment processor, and a digital bank account for companies to open and start making money immediately.

Invoice2go also offers a project management tool you stay organized and effectively manage tasks. A reporting dashboard enables you to get accurate insights on your company’s financials and everything else that you need to know. With actionable insights, growing your business and optimizing performance will be more straightforward.

HubSpot CRM

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM), HubSpot is one of the industry leaders. This tool one of the leading resources empowering small businesses to build deeper customer relationships.

With high-level innovation and automation, HubSpot CRM handles everything – keeping email details, recording calls, and data management. Therefore, you have more time on your hands to take care of the other essential aspects of your business. Regardless of how large your business is, you can do a lot with HubSpot CRM.

HubSpot CRM is free, and you can easily integrate it into your company’s systems. It gives you everything essential for your business to thrive – email tracking, mail marketing, forms, a scheduler for meetings, a chatbot, a dashboard, pipeline management, and live chat.

With the tool, you get to manage your pipeline and ensure that you don’t miss leads. You can also use HubSpot to focus on closing leads and growing your business, and the tool is always available if you need to make tweaks to your strategy.


Asana is another business management tool that helps you to manage and organize tasks. It ensures that you have everything mapped out and can watch as tasks get completed.

Among other things, Asana lets you assign tasks and view progress. It brings project management to one place with an intuitive, beautiful, and feature-laden interface.

With Asana, you can add files worth up to 100MB. The service also doesn’t have any storage limits, and you can choose from different display options to view your tasks.


To stay organized, you need a reliable system that helps you get the files you need whenever you need them. In this regard, Dropbox remains king. Today, more companies are moving away from paper and keeping their files in the cloud online. It helps them to stay versatile and get work done more efficiently.

Dropbox is the best cloud storage service available, allowing you to keep work and personal files in a secure location. You can access these files whenever you need them, regardless of where you are or what device you use.

Dropbox even has offline accessibility, ensuring that you can get a hold of your files even without connecting to the internet. If you’re going to a remote location, take Dropbox with you!

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