5 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business

By , Published November 12, 2014

Why Pinterest Is The Most Missed SMM Opportunity And How To Use It Effectively

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Over the last year, Pinterest has gained a lot of traction with the online community, and businesses are beginning to recognize the platform as a viable medium to reach out to customers. Although it has a strong user base, Pinterest has still not been able to garner that attention of most marketers. Many have yet to capitalize on this opportunity.

This social media platform is a visual channel that focuses on the theme of photosharing, which can be a very powerful medium for the marketers if they realize its true capacity. For the companies in the retail or service industry, Pinterest can prove to be highly beneficial for marketing and promotion purposes. If your brand is looking for online visibility and exposure then this social media channel has a lot to offer.

Pinterest Is Your Business Ally

With the addition of its latest web analytics tool, Pinterest has upped the ante in making itself a business-friendly platform. The network’s user base has increased exponentially over the years. And its growth trajectory has made Pinterest a preferred choice for marketers to provide a visual stimulus to their target audience with the help of niche marketing.

Refine Your Pinterest Strategy With These Useful Tips:

Although there is a lot of latent potential in Pinterest to take your brand directly to your target audience, some marketers have failed to use it productively so far. The reason can be attributed to unplanned marketing campaigns and unrealistic expectations of the platform to deliver results overnight. Just like any other marketing initiative, Pinterest too needs a refined strategy spread over a period of time to give you noticeable and sustained results. These specific actions will assist your brand in maximizing the output of your marketing strategy.

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Pinterest can be a great place to share infographics your company produces or search for infographics on topics you want to learn more about.

1. Make Your Profile More Personal

When trying to connect with the target customers, your brand should use the humanistic approach. Use a personable image with your brand in your profile instead of just a logo and make your name easy to locate on Pinterest. Increase the visibility of your Pinterest profile by adding links to your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

2. Let Your Creativity Shine In Pins

To gain the attention of the users, you can use creative pin titles. Your marketing campaign should lay emphasis on the lifestyle and not the product. Always use clear images with descriptive text that includes keywords. Never fail to credit the source of pins.

3. Protect Your Intellectual Property

When you are using images that do not belong to you, credit the source of these images. Always state copyright on the websites. Your primary fear is obscurity and not piracy!

4. Engage Your Audience

The best way to attract the users is by engaging them. You can start contests like ‘Pin Photo and Tag the Brand to Win’ or the ‘Most Re-Pinned Boards Win.’ Be sure to pin the image of the rules of the contest and leave any ambiguity out. To get more attention, you can link this contest with other social media networks like Twitter/Facebook, etc.

And always remember to stay focused–promoting too many things at once can create an unfocused and less-engaging presence.

5. Keep Tabs On Your Competition

The best thing about doing online marketing is that you can research and learn what your competitors are up to. You can start with reviewing other business boards that are most popular on Pinterest.

The Brands That Have The Edge

There are many top brands that have hopped on to the Pinterest bandwagon and have reaped great returns. The key statistics of their success rate gives an insight into why Pinterest is becoming increasingly popular. There are more than 70 million registered users on Pinterest; of these, over 40 million are active users.

Starbucks, Nordstrom, Whole Foods Markets are among the big brands that are actively using Pinterest to reach their customers. These brands are clear examples of how Pinterest can deliver exceptional results and establish a potent brand image if their strategies are aligned to their goals.

Your brand can benefit immensely in terms of visibility and actual conversions with a well-defined strategy for Pinterest. Do reflect on what works best for your brand and if it’s going to find favor with your target audience. These tips would help you make a head-start and allow you to optimize your social media strategy and reach.

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