5 Secret Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Really Talk About

— December 23, 2016

We’re approaching the age of the robots and everyone is getting scared. They’re not ‘Hollywood’ scared because they think artificial intelligence is going to wipe out the human race. Smart people are realizing their jobs are going to disappear, yet they still can’t bring themselves to start their own business. It might be the only way some people will be able to live a good life within a decade, so let’s look at the secrets you really need to know to eventually reach a full-time income.

Develop Good Habits

Everyone gets up in the morning and brushes their teeth without even thinking about it. You also start work automatically if you’re employed by a company, but working for yourself is a little different. If you want to maximize the amount of work you do every day it’s good to develop a habit. In a perfect world, you would start completing tasks without having to force yourself to do anything on a daily basis.

Don’t Be A Perfectionist

If you want to build a business, chances are you’re pretty smart. This means it’s more likely you’ll be a perfectionist, so you’ll wait until everything falls into place before you take action. In the real world, things don’t tend to fall into place and you’ll spend years procrastinating. Even though you might not be putting out your best work in the beginning, it’s vital you do something now to get the ball rolling.

You Need Lots Of Grit

You’re going to have lots of failures along the way, even if you get lucky and see some success relatively quickly. Take a look at these 50 UK female entrepreneurs and try to figure out if they built huge businesses within their first year. None of them were what we call an Overnight Success Story, and they all had to dig in deep every single day like everyone else. If you have grit it’s almost impossible to fail.

Train Your Willpower Muscle

We’re only discovering lots of interesting things about willpower now. Most notably, it works in the same way as a muscle. If you use it too much it can be depleted, plus you can train it to get stronger. One of the best ways to work on your willpower muscle is by eliminating non-essential tasks from your schedule. This will allow you to focus on the important things when you’re fresh and over time you’ll build stamina.

Focus On One Thing

Some people can’t help themselves when they see a new shiny object. They stop what they’re doing because they see other opportunities, which is actually a terrible way to build a business. If you spread your focus across multiple businesses you’ll never be putting all of your effort into one thing. Keep all your ideas in Evernote, but don’t let them distract you from working on one specific project until you succeed.

It’s Not All Tips And Tricks

You’ll obviously have to learn about specific sales and marketing practices if you want to build a business, but you’ll find tips and tricks everywhere. Nothing will help you build a full-time income if you don’t learn to master the things we’ve talked about today. If you do happen to get all of these right it’s only a matter of time before you achieve all your goals.

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Author: Chris Pentago

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