44 entry-level jobs that are seeing the most hiring growth right now, according to LinkedIn


By Shalene Gupta

Big Tech might be laying off left and right, but all hope is not lost for job seekers looking for entry-level roles, according to the latest hiring data from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s data shows that while hiring has decreased 28.2% since last March, the decline from February to March was only 0.6%, the lowest seen in the past year. Entry-level hiring has decreased 37% for jobs that don’t require a college degree and 45% for jobs that do since last year. However, hiring was at record levels last year, so those declines are perhaps not surprising.

According to LinkedIn, these are the industries with the most hiring growth for entry-level jobs:

Jobs that require a college degree

Product Management (25.6% growth)

    Top jobs: Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Development Specialist, Technical Product Manager, Product Coordinator

Consulting (16.5% growth) 

    Top jobs: Business Consultant, Planning Associate, Solutions Consultant, Client Adviser, Management Consultant

Purchasing (13.4% growth) 

    Top jobs: Buyer, Procurement Specialist, Sourcing Specialist, Purchasing Representative, Procurement Analyst

Human Resources (13.0% growth) 

    Top jobs: Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Specialist

Business Development (11.1% growth) 

    Top jobs: Business Owner, Business Development Specialist, Founder, President, Strategy Analyst

Jobs that don’t require a college degree

Consulting (33.6% growth) 

    Top jobs: Client Adviser, Business Consultant , Solutions Consultant, Consulting Specialist, Client Consultant

Marketing (22.9% growth)

    Top jobs: Social Media Manager, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager

Research (22.7% growth) 

    Top jobs: Laboratory Technician, Business Analyst, Medical Laboratory Technician, Laboratory Assistant, Manufacturing Associate

Human Resources (17.4% growth)

    Top jobs: Human Resources Specialist, Human Resources Assistant

Media and Communications (16.6% growth) 

    Top jobs: Writer, Production Assistant, Editor, Production Manager, Communications Specialist

Seattle topped the list for the fastest-growing region for entry-level workers, followed by Houston; Hartford, Connecticut; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Dallas-Fort Worth.


44 entry-level jobs that are seeing the most hiring growth right now, according to LinkedIn

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