4 Ways To Become A More Effective Blogger Today

December 2, 2014


There are really just two camps of blogger in the world—amateurs and professionals—and most business owners fall into the former camp. You trained for many years and worked hard to become an expert in your field, but you’re probably not an expert on blogging. You’ve read some things, have watched some tutorial videos, and have honed your blogging skills through trial and error—but of course, there’s always room for improvement.

And thankfully, there are also ways you can work to improve your blogging skills—to make your blog entries even sharper and more effective—starting right now. All of the following steps can be implemented pretty easily, and shouldn’t add much time at all to your typical blogging routine.

Four Ways To Make Your Blogs Better

  1. If you’ve been blogging regularly but aren’t getting the kind of engagement you had hoped for—comments, website traffic, or whatever else—then maybe you just need to tighten your call to action. Make sure each entry ends with a strong, focused invitation for the reader to call you, visit your website, buy a product, e-mail you, leave a comment, share the blog on Facebook, or whatever else. Your call to action should be to the point—no more than two lines of text—and should offer contact information where applicable.
  2. If you find it increasingly hard to think of topics to blog about—if you feel burned out, stuck, or at a loss for words—devote half an hour some morning, or even some weekend, to simply reading some other blogs related to your industry. Jot down any directions that spring into your head.
  3. Another way to deal with that “stuck” feeling: Shake up your formatting. Have you ever done a blog entry in Q&A, FAQ, How-To, or interview style? Make today the day! Do you always develop your blogs as top five lists? Then try something new!
  4. If the topics you’re blogging about aren’t resonating with people, then consider the fact that maybe you’re writing for the wrong audience—that you’re writing for you, not for your customers per se. Take some time to reorient yourself to what your customers value, what problems they need solved, and what information they might be looking for in a blog. Think about the value you can offer, from their point of view.

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