4 Tips on How to be a Better Online Marketer

  • by Michael Wight January 14, 2016
    January 14, 2016

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    The world of digital marketing is gradually changing. What worked in 2015 may not work in 2016, hence one needs to be on their toes to be able to find success on the web.

    It is not difficult to be an online marketer, but to be a successful one – well it is not as easy as it may sound. One needs to possess certain skills to reach the top. So, without further ado let’s take a look at how you can be a better online marketer.

    1. Blogging

    Blogging is one of the most effective marketing strategies for online marketing. As an online marketer your main focus is to market your product and reach your target audience in an efficient way.
    A blog is basically a piece of writing that is generally opinionated but also highly informative. Almost all websites have a blog section today which is mainly used by the company to promote its businesses.

    How many times you post a blog on your website depends on a number of things including the nature of your product and the number of visitors you have. Most experts suggest blogging twice a week at least to be able to get good results. What else you need to be a good blogger? Here are some tips:

    – The content must be original.
    – The content must be SEO friendly.
    – The content must be relevant and highly informative.

    2. Use Social Media

    If you are not using social media for marketing, then you better get started. Social media is huge today as almost everyone that uses the Internet uses social media for one reason or another. Even websites like YouTube fall under the web of social media, and can be used to promote your business.

    As a good marketer you must make use of a variety of social media platforms to reach more and more people. If reports are to be believed, social media is responsible for the second highest number of hits a website receives. So how do you use social media? Here are some tips:

    – Make official accounts on websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
    – Start posting content including links to your blogs, images, etc.
    – Have your social media buttons present on your website.
    – Be active on social media – post daily – and respond to customers.

    3. Email: Your Top Tip

    Email marketing and email reminders are the best way to engage customers and integrate your marketing campaign with the power of emailing. We’ve already covered the importance of email marketing, and how some experts think it can be more useful than social media marketing. It can help generate leads and maximize the impact of the marketing campaign. Here are some valuable tips:

    – Send short, crisp and relevant emails.
    – Always have a call-to-action in your emails.
    – Only target people that mean something.
    – Pick the right subject heading, otherwise your email would most probably never get read.

    4. PPC

    To be able to be a successful online market you will have to market online. You can do so with the help of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. However, PPC is a complex world and one needs to plan their PPC strategy in a clear manner to be able to find success. Here are some tips:

    – Know your target audience well.
    – Bid at the right amount and have a set budget.
    – Have a PPC program that helps you understand conversion.

    We are sure these tips will help you become a better online marketer. In addition to this, one also needs to understand the importance of time lag, webinars, and content. It will not be wrong to state that this is a continuous process and there is always something new to learn when it comes to online marketing. This is also why it is recommended that you let experts like Purple Cow Agency handle your online marketing.

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