4 New Habits to Try at Work to Increase Your Productivity

September 14, 2015

While many may not try to optimize their time at work, you would be surprised to know that just by making a few changes to your working schedule, you can increase your efficiency by at least 25 percent or even 200 percent.

Let’s take a look at some productivity habits which you can easily try at work and increase your productivity.

Making Each Day Productive

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1. Reduce your meeting time by at least percent

You might be thinking that if you reduce your meeting time by 25 percent, you would get less work done, but this is not true. In most of the cases, when you analyze your meeting time, you would realize that only half of the time is actually utilized for productive tasks and most of the time is just wasted in preparing the setup for the meeting and chatting with colleagues. By taking away the most unproductive tasks in your calendar and prioritizing the most impactful ones first, you’ll be surprised to see a gradual increase on your most productive hours.

Instead of diving right on your inbox in the morning, consider doing the most impactful activities to start your day by making sure the stocks are replenished and the staff are well oriented and reminded of their daily goals.

2. Making the most of your commute time

What do you usually do during your commutation time? Most people would probably respond with listening to the music or simply doing nothing during their commutation time. What if you could utilize your commute time by organizing your day during that time? If you travel in any public transport, you can easily concentrate on organizing your day on pen and paper or an organizer app.

If you drive to work, you can still organize your day by recalling the things which you have to accomplish today and then once you reach the office, you can write them down. Another way to make the most of your commute is to listen to inspiring podcasts that will help invigorate you throughout the day.

3. Establish daily work goals

Most of the people have the habit of making their yearly goals or monthly goals, but you need to inculcate the habit of making your daily goals to list all the things which you want to accomplish during the day as it will help reinstate in your mind what needs to be done daily. This would keep on reminding you of all the work which is pending and be able to successfully tick the boxes on a daily basis as opposed to adding a pile of goals for the month which may tend to be daunting and depressing. By working on a day to day goal, you will not only ease yourself with thinking of several goals at once, but you will also develop a better focus on your daily activities.

4. Set an “away” time from your mobile phone

Mobile phones and other pop-up notifications on your laptops, as well as on your desktop, are often distracting than helpful. You need to completely switch them off and avoid checking your email during that time period as well to focus on a single task. After you’re done with that task, you can check to mobile and emails for a couple of minutes before moving onto the next task and following the same procedure. By developing this pattern, you will still be on top of things without hampering your real-time productivity as the brain does not necessarily focus when faced with various tasks at hand.

With these simple activities in mind, you will not only focus on the most important and impactful activities but also help develop a healthy habit of simplifying your daily routine without hampering your day to day productivity.

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