4 Leading SEO Tools Used by the Pros

July 25, 2016

Improve Your Online Visibility with These 4 SEO Tools

4 Leading SEO Tools Used by the ProsMonday Tips is a short list of the best finds across the internet to start your week off right.

Today I have some SEO tools to help you improve your presence online. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

Growing your website can be a challenge as the way search is measured has changed, but there are useful resources you can use to rank higher and attract new subscribers. Use these top SEO tools for websites used by top professionals, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Increase influencer outreach – Pitchbox

Find out exactly where your influencers are searching and why. Pitchbox includes a content marketing platform along with outreach features and automated messaging. This smart tool will enable you to better reach leaders in your industry who can help you grow your brand.


2) Research the best content – Feedspot

Get all your most followed websites with one tool. Feedspot is free to use with hundreds of categories and top content producers to choose from. Improve your content research and easily tap into the best RSS feeds available without having to perform hours of search in Google.


3) Track keyword ranking fast – AccuRanker

Gain more insights on your search terms with search engine ranking and keyword data. AccuRanker is an easy to use tool that provides results from both Google and Bing. There is no software to download, and a free trial is available to get you started on improving your content marketing.


4) Broken link website analysis – Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Are you not seeing enough traffic from your website? Here is a great tool to help you solve that problem and fix those broken link errors. Xenu’s Link Sleuth provides a scan of your pages and helps you to ensure that all of your links are working correctly. Improve your ranking and retain visitors and reduce errors with this useful free resource.


Hopefully you will find these SEO tools useful to your marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these Monday Tips and Tools.

Wishing you a FAN-tastic week!

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