Growth Is Uncomfortable – Here’s How to Embrace It

I have had a misaligned relationship with growth. I simply hadn’t thought through what growth actually is. When thinking about growth I often focus on what’s on the other side of growth, the result, if you will. And at the same time, I often forget about the actual growth that was required to get there. Growth is the messy and uncomfortable stage before you arrive at the destination, not the destination itself. Yet, when I talk about growth, much like when I talk about the birth of my children, I forget the messiness. I forget the discomfort because I’ve already arrived and the pain has become a distant memory.

But that point before we’ve arrived? That’s the money spot. That’s where the magic happens. So instead of glossing over it, let’s dive into the discomfort of growth and evaluate how we can leverage this powerful tool to unlock the full potential of ourselves and set an example for our team.

Repeat after me…If I’m feeling uncomfortable, I’m growing

It’s a plain and simple fact. Discomfort is the feeling of growth. So when I notice I’m feeling uncomfortable I immediately stop and ask myself, what am I learning right now? Once I know that I am in a state of growth I can turn my attention to it and get specific about uncovering its mysterious gift for me. That gift is the only thing standing between me and the other side of growth, my next arrival.

I can ease the density of growth by focusing on my love of learning

Growth can feel heavy. And it can feel like we’re utterly messing everything up. I’ve learned to stop judging myself for feeling uncomfortable and instead celebrate that I’m growing and learning something new. The truth is that I love learning even when I find it challenging to muster up the strength to love growing. Growing can be hard. Learning is rewarding.

I can expand my tool belt to make learning even more fun

Our perspective on learning is often a direct reflection of the tools we’ve put in our tool belt throughout life’s experience. Everyone can develop their own tool kit that works uniquely for them. The things I’ve put into my toolkit to help me with growth include spending time in a float tank, going out for a long run, taking a series of breaths, getting an energy clearing with one of my personal healers and spending time with tribe. Discover what works to help you get to a centered place so you can be your best student.

I can find a tribe that shows me I am not alone in this growth

One of the most powerful moves I made in 2020 was creating an accountability group with two very close friends. Every day we do a check-in using an asynchronous video app called Marco Polo. We each set our own goals in the areas of finance, health and wellness and we update each other on our progress daily. These 1-2 minute messages show me that I’m not the only one who is going through a growth period and inspire me to get to the other side. Find two people who inspire you and ask them to create an accountability group. Keep the structure light and easy to ensure people don’t lose interest.

In closing, once you know you are in the Growth Phase you can settle into exploring what you are there to learn and ultimately learn what you are there to learn even faster. Expanding your tool kit helps to prevent falling into loops and unconscious patterns that ultimately sabotage our ability to reach our full potential.

And here’s the thing…your team…they are counting on you to bring your best self to work. They are counting on you to be vulnerable enough to share when you are growing and how you got to the other side. Because that’s what leaders do. They go first. And then they come back and build a bridge for their tribe. Now, onto that learning.

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