4 Lead Nurturing Tips For Increased Revenues

4 Lead Nurturing Tips For Increased Revenues image salesleadsfunnel 300x202.jpgBy , Published November 7, 2014

All prospects are not created equal. Not all want to buy right away and move into the qualified status. For these lead types, lead nurturing campaigns give prospects and marketers what they’re looking for – more conversations and higher probability of buying relevant products or services.

If you’re living in the day of interruption marketing to put more prospects into the sales cycle, you’re going down the wrong path. Today, you have more savvy buyers and most don’t want your interruption marketing speak. They want information and lots of it, in most cases. Then, when they are ready to buy, if you’ve stayed in touch, you will get the call.

That’s where lead nurturing comes into play. Staying in touch, while staying the mind of your prospect ensures they call you when they want to buy.

To understand what are some ways to stay in touch with prospects, consider these lead nurturing program options:

4 Ways To Boost Your Lead Nurturing

1) Business blogging – Yes, email and newsletters are one of the most effective ways to spread content for lead nurturing, but business blogging is just as good and sometimes better at nurturing leads. With a blog, you can:

  • Get plenty of search traffic and convert that traffic into leads
  • Share quality content via social and point followers to the blog
  • Publishing content more often and sometimes with less effort

2) Answer offer content through email – If you fulfill requests for content, email is a perfect option to deliver, quickly. That way, you can see things, such as links to white papers, to prospects faster in email.

3) Use goals – For any effective lead nurturing program, you need to create goals first. Without these goals, you’ll see a lack of results and as a result, have no business benefit from your efforts. Want some examples of goals? Try these:

  • Convert software demo downloaders into paying customers
  • Keep in touch with prospects and ensure they call you when they’re ready to buy

4) Test everything – Since you repeat many things in a lead nurturing program, testing is key to learn what works and what doesn’t. Ensure you’re getting your efforts worth, look at these areas to test:

  • Headlines and subject lines in emails
  • Offer variations
  • You copy length, in every communication

Lead nurturing programs are meant to convert prospects that are not ready to buy. By using different platforms and tactics other than just emailing, you will ensure you get more conversions from your lead nurturing efforts.

For a sure way to use business blogging to stay in touch with prospects, consider organizing your content with a editorial calendar.

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