3 Targeting Ideas To Scale Your Facebook Advertising

By April 21st, 2017


In today’s world, there are three basic types of marketers:

  1. Those who LOVE Facebook Ads;
  2. Those who HATE Facebook Ads;
  3. Those who swing between the poles of LOVE and HATE, depending on their Ads results.

In fact, you’ve probably read hundreds of stories of how people run “Crazy-ROI” Facebook Ads campaign.

50%. 100%. 1’000%…

But, are these stories true?

Of course they are.

The REAL question is: how can YOU run a successful ads campaign on Facebook and SCALE it, without wasting all your money?

In my experience, there are just a few targeting ideas that an advertiser can test quickly, in order to scale your Facebook Ads results almost overnight.

Audience Targeting

The concept of ‘targeting’ is probably one that you’ve heard a lot about by now, and for a good reason!

I conducted many Facebook ad experiments in my career as a marketer, and one of my very first shocking discoveries was that my campaign’s performances may vary a lot depending on my target.

From that moment on, the problem has always been: how do I reach the right audience?

Facebook’s Ads targeting options allow businesses of every size to target potential clients in ways that other platforms don’t.

Through Facebook, you can easily define (and find!) the ideal customers for a product or services by using:

  • Interests
  • Locations
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Connections

All these options are available for creating an audience for your ads, but if your Facebook Ads are failing, probably you’re not targeting your ads in the right way.

Wait a minute!

I’m not telling you that image, copy and call to actions are not important at all.

I’m just telling you that, if you are not targeting the right people, having a good ad is useless, because you won’t get any considerable result.

For this reason, in this article I will help you become a Facebook Ads lover like me, and (most importantly) a better advertiser.

These 3 targeting ideas will help you scale your Facebook Ads effortlessly.

Let’s start immediately!

1. Website Custom Audiences

If you have a website or a blog, you can use the Facebook Pixel to build an audience of people who visited it.

The Facebook Pixel is a Javascript code that you can install on your website in order track conversions, micro conversions, and the behavior of your website visitors.

For example, the Facebook Pixel allows you to track what people do on your website, which pages they visit, which links they click.

This is a revolutionary approach to Facebook advertising, because thanks to this form of “retargeting” you can create an audience of those who visited certain pages, without subscribing to your list.

By creating a retargeting campaign on that specific audience, you can maximize your content marketing efforts and generate more leads using specific tools like Facebook Lead Ads

Once you can target your website visitors, you can easily run advertising campaigns to convert them into prospects.

People who already visited your website are the best target for lead generation and sales presentation, because they already know your brand. You can run retargeting campaigns to reach these users while they are browsing through Facebook.

How can you do it?

First of all, go to the “Audiences” section of your Facebook Ads account.


When the new window opens up, click on the ”Create Audience” button and then “Custom Audience”.


In the next window, select Website Traffic.


Now you have many options: for example, you can build an audience of people who visited your entire website or a specific page, but not others.


Moreover, you can choose a timeframe of between 1 and 180 days.


2. Customer List Audiences

If your Facebook Ads are already successful, a simple way to grow your ROI consists in creating a new campaign that targets your customers.

Facebook, in fact, allows you to build audiences from a customer list.

Why is it so important?

By targeting your existing customers, you can run Facebook Ads in order to increase the customer value.

In other words, you can sell more services and products to them, offering upsells, upgrades or other add-ons to your clients.

To create a Custom Audience from a Customer List, go back to your “Audiences” section of your Facebook Ads manager, and click on the ”Create Audience” button and then “Custom Audience”.


When the new window pops up, select “Customer File”


If you are not using Mailchimp, you need to choose a file or copy and paste data. Click on the first button as shown in the image below.


The next step requires you to upload the list.

I recommend downloading a CSV file from your Autoresponder/CRM software that contains all your customers’ data.


Finally, Facebook will match the customers’ information to match with Facebook’s personal profiles.


3. Lookalike Audiences

If you are looking for a way to create new audiences to expand your reach for your Ads, Lookalike Audiences is exactly what you need.

Lookalike Audiences are one of the most important Facebook Ads features, because thanks to this tool you will be able to reach more potential clients and followers on Facebook.

In fact, by creating a Lookalike Audience you are going to select a group of people similar to a defined Custom Audience, for example a customer list.

How to create a lookalike audience?

First of all, you need to create a Custom Audience that we’ll use as the source audience. Go to your Facebook Ads manager and select “audience” from the main menu.


In the next window, select Create Audience – Lookalike Audience.


By clicking on the “Source” field, Facebook will show you the audiences you already created.

You can even select the audience size, a range between 1 and 10% that allows you to expand your reach.

Pay attention here, because a larger audience will offer you more reach, but will be less specific (AKA conversion rates may be lower).

When you’re done, click “Create Audience”.


Finally, your brand-new audience is ready for your ads!



There are many ways to scale your Facebook Ads. However, targeting the right audience can have a big, huge impact on your campaigns.

In my experience, there are mainly 3 targeting ideas that can help you scale your Facebook Ads effortlessly:

  1. Website Custom Audiences
  2. Customer List Audiences
  3. Lookalike Audiences

Try to test these audiences on your business and let me know your results.

Do you still have some doubts?

Don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. I will be glad to hear back from you!

* Adapted lead image:  Public Domain, pixabay.com via getstencil.com

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