3 Reasons to Rethink Your Executive Job Search Strategies

by Beata Staszkow February 22, 2016
February 22, 2016
Be Professional with Every Aspect of Your Executive Marketing

Start an Executive Brand

Leverage Your Contacts

Finding a New Role in 2016

There are several ways to find a job, but the best methods rarely involve responding to ads or job boards. Which incidentally, receive around 250 CV’s per vacancy. Instead, using your executive network of contacts will often get the best results. This post discusses the merits of rethinking how you find a new role.

Professionalism – Ensure your email address will not cost you the job

It sounds obvious, but good executive candidates often do overlook aspects such as having a professional email address. Hotstuff21@gmail.com, or raggamuffin32@yahoo.co.uk, will not get you very far when your applying for a senior management position. In the USA it is estimated that around 76% of job applications are thrown out due to an unprofessional email address. It is likely to be a similar figure all around the world. Make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Beating the Competition

Another common error is that executives do not tailor their CVs and job applications for the role. Bear in mind that most CVs are discarded by recruiters within six seconds, so not tailoring your CV and cover letter will probably not see yours make it to the seventh second. This is how intense senior executive CV recruitment has become.

With this in mind, restructure your branding and marketing documentation (CV, cover letter, even your executive brand) to show the relevant achievements and experience in relation to the job you are applying for. This will greatly improve your chances of reaching the seventh second.

Leveraging Your Contacts

With most roles never reaching the public eye – 80% of them are never advertised on job boards, your best option is to talk to your executive network and see if there are any openings in your field. You’d be surprised at how quickly a few conversations could turn into an opportunity. Failing this, start posting in LinkedIn groups and try and be helpful. This could lead to opportunities and catch the eye of recruiters and headhunters.

Make Your Executive Brand Count

Implementing solid branding for your executive career is a must have. This is similar to business branding where you establish yourself as a thought leader, and your name is the first that comes to mind when someone in your network needs a role that can be filled by you. If you have not started your executive brand, now is a good time to start.

Regular blogging and social media updates, shows you are committed to your career, and you are more likely to be found by headhunters and recruiters.

If you are executive level and want to find a new role, get in touch. Our professional coaches can help you find your next role, through developing your CV, LinkedIn profile, executive brand, and help you realise your value proposition.

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