20 IFTTT Recipes To Master Social Media Marketing

By  October 5th, 2015


There are many aspects to digital marketing that require constant surveillance and monitoring, perhaps none more so than social media. In a day and age where customers go online, tweet at a company and respect a response instantly, it’s quite a challenge to constantly be “on” social media if you’re a marketer. This challenge only amplifies in difficulty if you’re someone who manages social media for dozens of clients. The secret to winning at social media is being, or at least appearing to be, constantly present.

Enter IFTTT, which means: “If this, then that.” It’s a tool that automates tasks using triggers and actions. IFTTT connects two unrelated services, and then triggers an action on one channel when you perform an action on the other. Say for instance, connecting Facebook and Twitter together which you’ll see farther down this page.

Following are 20 different “recipes” that are available through IFTTT that help marketers, like ourselves, better utilize the time spent managing and using social media.


20 IFTTT Recipes for Social Media

1. Share New Photos Added To An Iphone Album To Facebook


When new images get added to a specified album on your iPhone, they will be automatically posted to a Facebook album. Could be a great way of sharing photos of past projects to Facebook.

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2. Post Instagram Photos As Native Twitter Photos


If you’re someone who uses Instagram a lot, this recipe will come in handy. As is, sharing from Instagram to Twitter isn’t pretty. The photo always gets carried over as a link, not an actual image. This recipe corrects that in that it will post your Instagram photo as a full image.

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3. Build A Twitter List From A Specific Hashtag


If you’d like to keep track of a particular topic on Twitter, use this recipe. This recipe builds a Twitter List of people who tweet using the hashtag of your choosing, for me its #contentmarketing. It’s great for brand awareness and seeing who is talking about interests you like on Twitter.

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4. Schedule Your Facebook Page Posts Using Google Calendar


Want a quick and easy way to better manage your Facebook posting this recipe is for you. Add “#fbpages” to each event’s title and in the description write the copy that you’d like to post to Facebook.

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5. Schedule Your Tweets Via Google Calendar


Same goes for Twitter as it does for Facebook. A simple way to plan out your tweets is to add them to your Google calendar.

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6. Add Your Tweets To A Google Spreadsheet


Here’s a recipe great for keeping track of all your tweets in one easy to access place. Already having this list built then helps when you go to check out the analytics on how your tweets performed.

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7. Add Your Facebook Posts To A Google Spreadsheet


In similar fashion, this is a great way to keep track of all of your Facebook posts in one place. Much better than manually entering each post into a spreadsheet.

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8. Adding Articles From Feedly To Buffer By Clicking “Save For Later”


If you love using Feedly to check out great content all in one place and an easy way to share to social media, here you go. I’m a major fan of Buffer and also use Feedly quite a lot. This one comes highly recommended.

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9. Add Your Instagram Photos To Pinterest


Those companies who lend themselves particularly well to photos should pay attention to this recipe. Currently, there’s no option to directly post to Pinterest through Instagram like there is for Facebook and Twitter. This recipe changes that.

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10. Call Your Gmail For Quick Notes


To be honest I hadn’t heard of this recipe until writing this blog but I have to say it sounds super useful. As a writer, we constantly have spur of the moment thoughts and it’s not always easy to write them down at that moment…like when I’m driving. This recipe allows you to call IFTTT and it’ll send you a transcript and mp3 recording to your email.

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11. Share New Blog Posts To Facebook


If you use WordPress like many of us do, every time you post a new blog to your website, this recipe automatically sends it to your Facebook page. Definitely cuts down on time spent promoting your blog posts when they go live!

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12. Tweet Your New Blog Posts


Just like the previous recipe that auto-published to Facebook, this one sends your new blog articles from WordPress to your Twitter for easy sharing.

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13. Share Your Blog Posts To Linkedin


Every business should definitely have a LinkedIn business page and this recipe helps you keep that page populated with your latest and greatest content.

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14. Add Those Who Mention You On Twitter To A Twitter List


What better way to keep track of who mentions you on Twitter than by creating a list? This way, you can thank people, engage with them and return the favor my sharing their content on your own profile.

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15. Add Videos You Upload To Youtube To Your Facebook Page


Video is this year’s hot content, and for very good reason. The ability to share your YouTube videos directly to Facebook is powerful.

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16. Add Videos From Youtube To Twitter


Here’s another great one to promote your YouTube videos on Twitter. Cutting down any extra steps is always preferable.

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17. Add Photos Taken On Your Iphone To Google Drive


This recipe could come in handy for those who frequently like to share photos with a bunch of people. For a home service contractor, you can snap a few photos of a completed project, have it automatically upload to Google Drive so your whole team can view and then share to social media or start a campaign.

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18. Use Google Calendar To Keep Track Of Your Buffer Posting Schedule


This recipe will add a new event to your Google Calendar on the date and time you have a post scheduled through Buffer. Great way to keep track of your social media posting.

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19. Buffer Your Pocket Favorites


This is a recipe I use a lot for 2 very good reasons. One, I’m able to save all the articles that I’d like to read, read again, and learn more about at a later time in one place. Two, it allows me to share articles that I believe my followers will find interesting too. You get to save and share great content.

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20. Create Your Own!


There are plenty more to choose from but how about trying to create your own? They take seconds to create and only you know what you’re specifically looking for. There are hundreds of different combinations available too.

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Which recipes have you tested out on IFTTT? What were your results like? Let us all know in the comments so we can further expand this list and discuss insights into a better strategy for tackling social media.

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20 IFTTT Recipes To Master Social Media Marketing
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