11 Incredible Video Marketing Stats from the Past Month

by Claude Harrington February 2, 2016
February 2, 2016

To kick off February, we’ve put together a list of the most interesting video marketing statistics from the past month. Some of these stats piqued our interest because of what they say about the state of video marketing, whereas others helped identify the type of content that has been successful in this quickly growing space.

Whatever the case, the more research reports and white papers we read, the more impressive the number appear to be. Below are 11 of our video marketing stats from the past month:

1. All Aboard the Video Marketing Bandwagon: According to Wyzowl’s new survey, “The State of Video Marketing in 2016,” 61% of businesses stated that they currently use video as a marketing tool. That’s impressive, but more impressive is this; of that 61%, 2/3 were not using video just one year earlier.

2. They Key is Explanation and Understanding: Wyzowl’s survey also revealed that 93% of businesses who use video believe it has increased user understanding of their product or service. The survey also notes that 98% of users say that they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

3. Mobile Clicks Nearing the Majority: According to Merkle’s “Digital Marketing Report: Q4 2015,” phone and tablet click shares now make up nearly 50% of all clicks (48%). And actually, phone and tablets were responsible for 52% of Google search ad clicks in Q4.

4. Facebook’s Video Boom: According to Facebook’s Q4 earnings call, 100 million hours of video are now being watched per day on the social media platform. “Video is an important part of the Facebook experience,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the call. “and continuing to invest here is important for allowing people to share and consume some of the most engaging content.”

5. Speaking of Facebook… According to recent performance stats published by Nanigans, a campaign management platform, return on ad spend–for their clients who advertise on Facebook–jumped 87% on average in Q4. Additionally, purchase rates increased 68% and the average order value rose 49% as compared to Q3.

6. Can Snapchat Catch Facebook? According to an article in Fortune, Snapchat users view videos on the app over 7 billion times per day. That’s a impressively rapid increase from the 6 billion per day number reported by The Financial Times late last fall (which we referenced in our 9 Incredible Video Marketing Stats)

7. A Kingdom United by Mobile Video: The UK’s Office Of Communications reported that video accounted for 58% of all mobile data traffic in 2015; a significant increase from the year prior, where it accounted for an already impressive 39%.

8. Big Growth in Little China: According to a recent report from Analysys International, a Beijing-based business information firm, digital video ad spending in China grew 43% in 2015; reaching RMB24.31 billion ($ 3.90 billion). It is also estimated that growth will be even faster this year, with digital video ad spending reaching RMB36.50 billion ($ 5.86).

9. Retailers Accelerate YouTube Advertising: According to Pixability, a YouTube ad buying and video marketing platform, our nation’s biggest retailers are betting big on digital video ads. And fast. For example: between Q1 and Q4 in 2015, Walmart increased YouTube spending from $ 600,000 to $ 2,579,000. Similarly, Target’s increase between those same two periods catapulted from $ 57,000 to $ 1,889,000.

10. Mobile Ads Breed Brand Awareness: In a recent survey conducted by Trusted Media Brands and Advertiser Perceptions, US media decision-makers were asked to choose the top three benefits of mobile ads. “Increasing brand awareness” topped the list as the answer from nearly half of the respondents (47%). Additionally, just over a third stated that “better engagement and interaction” was one of the other primary benefits.

11. Display > Search: According to eMarketer, digital display ad spending in the US will surpass search ad spending in 2016. In their report, entitled ”US Digital Display Advertising Trends: Eight Developments to Watch for in 2016,” one in five dollars devoted to digital in 2016 will go to “banners and other” digital display ad types. Video will also command a large portion of ad spending allocated to digital in 2016: 14.3%, up from 12.8% in 2015. The report goes on to note that “spending growth in the categories of rich media and video will both be significant: 36.4% and 28.5%, respectively.”

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