101 Best Prize Ideas to Give Away in Online Contests & Competitions

  • March 5, 2015

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    We all know that the most successful contests are ones that offer $ 25,000 round-the-world vacations for the whole family.

    The thing is, that’s not possible for your (or most) businesses.

    This article will give you 101 contest prizes (many of which we have seen work before) all of which are valued at under $ 500.

    We’ve structured these contest ideas based on a season or holiday, as contests focused on the things people are thinking about in that moment consistently do better than random promotions.

    It’s also crucial to remember that one of the best prizes you can offer is a gift card or certificate (they ensure people who enter are actually interested in your products, and often result in people going over the gift card amount).

    Warning: Do not choose a prize that is irrelevant to your business. If you own a toy store, don’t give away a limo package for two, a brewery tour or a gym membership. These have nothing to do with your store and won’t be attracting the right customers. People will just be entering to win the prize and not because they would ever buy your products.

    With that out of the way, here are 101 contest prizes to inspire the success of your next promotion.


    Spring Contest Prize Ideas

    Spring encompasses many holidays: St. Patricks Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. It also has everyone excited for summer which is ‘blooming’ just around the corner. Here are some timely prizes that you can offer your contestants during the springtime.

    St. Patrick’s Day contest prize ideas

    1. Pet-related prize (food, toys, etc)
    2. Brewery tour/whiskey tasting
    3. Free entry to your St. Patty’s themed night


    1. Basket of chocolates/bunnies
    2. A children’s easter egg hunt party
    3. Egg decorating kit

    Mother’s Day contest prize ideas

    1. Spa treatments (manicure, pedicure, facial, mud wrap, etc)
    2. Family photo session and prints
    3. Course on how to use online programs: (Ex.photoshop/microsoft office)
    4. Sewing class
    5. A different piece of maternity clothing for each stage of pregnancy
    6. A nanny/date night for Mom and Dad

    Spring Cleaning and Gardening Prize Ideas

    1. Spring cleaning package
    2. Gardening tools
    3. Landscaping package
    4. BBQ
    5. Patioset

    Wedding Season

    1. Percent off wedding-related prize (photography, catering, flowers, limo, etc)
    2. Dress/tux rentals
    3. Travel Insurance: They’d be going on their honeymoon. Get them to book their vacation’s insurance with you.

    Summer Contest Prize Ideas

    In summer the combination of sunshine, longer days and warmer weather make everyone happy. Piggyback on this happy time of year and make a splash into the summer with these contest prize ideas.

    1. Tickets to a sporting event
    2. Fishing trip/Hunting Trip
    3. Shooting range
    4. Ferry/boat trip
    5. Luggage set
    6. Camera with tripod stand
    7. Aquarium/Amusement Park/Zoo
    8. Camping Package
    9. Hiking Package
    10. Round of golf for two
    11. Picnic Basket and Accoutrement
    12. Graduation related prize
    13. Sporting event tickets
    14. Personal training sessions
    15. Swimwear
    16. 2 Night Hotel Stay
    17. Outdoor Music Festival
    18. Sunscreen/skin care kit
    19. Summer makeover – wax/laser, haircut
    20. Sunset Cruise/ Boat cruise
    21. Adventures – kayak, ziplining, bungee jumping, canoeing, surfing

    Back-to-school contest prize ideas

    1. $ 50 worth of photo prints
    2. Back-to-school gear: Backpack, pens and markers, calculator
    3. Car detailing pack: free car wash, interior cleaning, etc.
    4. Lesson set for dancing, music, art
    5. Sports team sponsorship
    6. E-reader
    7. Bike/skateboard/rollerblades
    8. Body wash prize pack including deodorant, soap, razors etc
    9. 6 months paid cell phone bill
    10. Language classes
    11. Cold/flu care package: Tea, blanket, heating pad, bubble bath
    12. Kid’s facepaint, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and costume

    Autumn/Fall Contest Prize Ideas

    After the rush of summer people are settling down and in for the upcoming winter. Its also a time for ghouls and spooks to haunt your streets and turkeys to be carved.

    Spice up your autumn contest with these prize ideas.

    Halloween contest prize ideas

    1. Candy
    2. Costumes
    3. Pet costumes
    4. Haunted-House/Corn Maze Entry
    5. Netflix subscription (focused on scary movies)
    6. Pumpkin Carving Class
    7. Pumpkin patch and hayride

    Thanksgiving contest prize ideas

    1. Donation to a food bank
    2. Catered meal
    3. Petting zoo trip
    4. Scrapbook
    5. Fill up a cart shopping
    6. Recipe book
    7. Cooking class
    8. Winterize-your-Car Package

    Winter Contest Prize Ideas

    Over the winter season one major season comes to mind, Christmas! But there’s also New Years, Valentine’s Day and huge opportunity to help mend the winter blues. Get your customers excited about your business during these fabulous holidays and get them out of their slump during the downtimes.

    1. Wearable tech (fitness trackers)
    2. Baking set – electronic mixer, whisks etc. for creating scrumptious holiday treats
    3. Lift passes & ski rentals
    4. Ski gear (jacket, pants, goggles, board or skis)
    5. Mittens and scarf set
    6. Winter adventures (snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing)
    7. Hot springs/relaxation

    Christmas/New Years contest prize ideas

    1. Decorations
    2. Christmas movie box set
    3. Ugly sweater Christmas party pack
    4. Professional lights decorator
    5. Holiday table set
    6. Dog sled adventure
    7. Apple Cider/hot chocolate/mugs
    8. Tickets to christmas events like the Nutcracker, christmas train, or garden of lights
    9. Gym membership/personal training session
    10. New Years Party tickets
    11. Photobooth

    Valentine’s Day contest prize ideas

    Love is in the air around Valentines Day and I’m not just talking about the couples. As a single female my love for all things chocolate starts to appear around this date. Whether your contest is for singles or for couples you can cash in on prizes that are Valentine themed.

    1. Table for two at a romantic restaurant
    2. Weekend car rental
    3. Limo service for two
    4. Hair/makeup package
    5. Flowers and champagne
    6. Sexy underwear
    7. Heart shaped limited-edition product
    8. Boat cruise
    9. Singles event
    10. Movie premiere
    11. Concert tickets
    12. Art gallery/Museum
    13. Burlesque Show
    14. Pin-up Modeling Photo Shoot
    15. Valentine’s gift package (flowers, chocolates, etc)


    There you have it, 101 contest prize ideas to try out for your next contest. Again, I want to reiterate that your contest prize needs to be related to your business in order for it to attract the right customer.

    Out of these 101 ideas, there should be something to give your contest a spark.

    Written by Samantha Mykyte

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