YouTube ad views drop in June with No. 1 #MoreThanARefugee at 16M views

In May, the top spot from Clash of Clans generated more than 87 million views.

YouTube’s ad leaderboard for June saw significantly fewer views compared to May, with last month’s top ad — YouTube’s own #MoreThanARefugee — only generating a total of 16.8 million views.

The No. 1 ad in May, from Clash of Clans, earned 87.7 million views. It’s worth noting that the top 10 ads in May generated a total of 115 million views, the bulk of which were owned by “Clash of Clans.”

The total views for June’s top 10 ads amounted to only 51.1 million views — but views were much more evenly distributed between the ranking ads compared to May.

June’s No. 1 spot was the result of a partnership between YouTube and the International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian relief organization, and included refugee stories produced by well-known YouTube creators like The Young Turks and Tyler Oakley.

YouTube actually earned two spots on its leaderboard last month, with its #ProudToBe video supporting Pride Month ranking No. 4 with 4.6 million views.

Other big brands to make the list include Microsoft’s XBox, Apple, Audi and Foot Locker.

Supercell — the makers behind the Clash of Clans games — sneaked its game, “Hay Day,” in at No. 3 with 7.2 million views. Clash of Clans’ “Welcome to the Builder Base” edged in at No. 10 — winning only 1.7 million views, 86 million fewer than it won in May.

Top 10 ads on YouTube in June

1. YouTube: #MoreThanARefugee (16.8M Views)

2. XBox One X: E3 2017 World Premier 4K Trailer (9.3M Views)

3. Hay Day: 360 Hug, (7.2M Views)

4. YouTube: #ProudToBe | Celebrate Brave Voices this Pride (4.6M Views)

5. Best Fiends: Boot Camp (2.9M Views)

6. Audi: Driver’s Test | Spider-Man Homecoming (2.4M Views)

7. Disney: Moana as Told by Lego Mini Movie (2.4M Views)

8. Apple: WWDC 2017 | APPOCALYPSE (1.98M Views)

9. Foot Locker: Father’s Day (1.9M Views)

10. Clash of Clans: Welcome to the Builder Base (1.7M Views)

According to YouTube, the 51.1 million views earned by the top 10 ads in June accounted for 46.6 million minutes of watch time.


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