Why an Animated Explainer is Perfect for Mechanism of Action Videos

by Claude Harrington April 11, 2016
April 11, 2016

Whether you’re selling lemonade to neighbors or ice cubes to eskimos, presentation plays a key role in the sales process. That’s why, if you’re in the healthcare industry, a strong mechanism of action (MOA) video can be such a valuable asset. It’s a way for you to help physicians, pharmacists, and regulatory investigators visualize your drug’s interactions.

Given that emphasis on visualization and the importance of clear explanation, an animated explainer makes for a natural solution. An animated explainer is the perfect way to create an informative and entertaining MOA video. Here are a few reasons why…

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Common Ground: With the power and potential of a new drug, there’s so much you want to say and so many areas you’d like to highlight. The problem, though, is that since MOA’s are reviewed by such a diverse mix of healthcare professionals, there will inherently be a wide knowledge and culture gap between viewers. For example: what’s dauntingly complicated to one viewer may seem condescendingly simple to another. So how can you appeal to both of these viewers?

That’s where animation is so key. Not only is it a medium that everyone is familiar with but, as we recently touched on in Leveraging Animated Video for E-Learning, animation is a means to more easily access (and enjoy!) complex and comprehensive information. And, at the end of the day, accessibility really is the primary objective of any MOA. You must find a way to attract and retain viewers of different ages, ethnicities, interests and skill levels.

Aesthetic Appeal: When it comes to depicting the inner working of a human body–particularly one that’s not in great health–the imagery can quickly become rather off-putting. Even though the typical MOA-viewer likely has a high tolerance for such content, it’s also likely that they’d prefer not to exercise that tolerance.

This is not to say that the images featured in an animated must be glamorized or sugarcoated, just that the medium offers an always-palatable way to present just about any subject matter. As a result, the images accompanying audio (or text) will supplement the desired message instead of detracting or distracting from it.

Anything Becomes Possible (to Depict and Convey): With animation, there are no boundaries to what can be presented. Want to depict something atomically small? Easy. Want to convey what a specific moment of a specific interaction? No problem. You can even do it in slow motion…or run it backward in a velocity of your choosing.

Not only does animation offer a means to Illustrate anything and take viewers anywhere, but it also enables you to more easily create an emotional experience between the viewer and the material presented. By using things as simple as color, shape, and characteristic traits, the viewers is able to receive your message and information in a more meaningful way.

The Power of Process: The message and information to be delivered in a mechanism of action video is, of course, more than a single action. First A happens, then B and then C follows (but only if and when A responds to D) etc. etc. It’s a process. And expressing this, in an easy-to-understand way can be an enormous challenge. But since animation itself is essentially a frame-by-frame work in progress, it lends itself to illustrating and explaining the nuances of process.

In particular, this is one place where whiteboard animation can excel. Because viewers are literally seeing things drawn before their eyes, there’s are many advantages to deconstructing process in this format. Whiteboard, as well as animation in general, is also a great way to highlight certain features within a process, and make those differentiators really stand out.

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Addition, Subtraction and Multiple Iterations: Lastly, for a fast-moving industry, it’s important to note that animation is uniquely iterative. As information evolves, new data becomes available or target audiences change, tweaks can be made to an animated explainer so that it is always up-to-date and as compelling as can be.

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