Where Do I Get Images For My Blog?

by Ivana Kitanovic March 10, 2016
March 10, 2016

Every blogger needs images for their blog. No matter what they’re writing about or how their blog looks, images are essential for the whole experience. Look at it this way. Blogging is not complete without them. However, it’s not always easy to come across images that would fit your words and in the same time blow the reader’s mind. Bloggers usually face a boundary, as they don’t know where to find ones that are not copyrighted or forbidden to use.

Don’t worry, I’m here. Read on, as I will show you how to overcome the problem with finding the proper images for your blog and present you the most common places to look at.

Public Domain Archive

First stop – public domain. Public domain images are the ones that are free of copyright and can be used by anyone online. If you’re interested in putting such free images in your blog posts, then there’s no better place than the Public Domain Archive to help you find the ones you need.

It’s an easy-to-use platform with multiple categories like Modern Images, Vintage Images and Weekly Images. By combing through them I’m sure you’ll find breath-taking and high resolution images to go with your text and download them for further use.

While you may be unable to download some images, the website offers a premium membership. With it you have access to every hi-res image uploaded in the archive and all of that only for 10 USD a month, which is a small price to pay for your blog to look stunning.


Do you know that feeling when you enter a huge library with thousands of books in all areas? The same happens when you type istock.com in your address bar. With a library of millions photos, illustrations, clip art and even videos and audio tracks, it is an international photography provider. Depending on the size and the collection, the images cost between 1 and 150 credits (where each credit costs from $ 0.95 to $ 1.50). But it’s totally worth it as the images are of great quality and offer interesting and special moments that you can use to describe your writing. Why don’t you check them out yourself here?

Also, it’s very easy to find your way around the site. For example, if you’re a tech blog, you can only type ‘computer’ or ‘software’ or ‘cyber’ in the search bar and voila. Thousands of technology-related images will appear for you to choose and download them.


Completely free to use, Unsplash offers a huge variety of images from different areas of photography. Whether you’re writing about fashion and style or travelling and architecture, this website has you covered with hi-res, spell-binding images that would fit your words perfectly.

For an easier navigation, the site is divided into categories leading to collections. Besides them there are two large ones marked as New and Featured so that you can keep track of everything that’s being newly uploaded and that’s at the peak of its popularity.

Also the website has an interesting option called Made With Unsplash where you can see a bunch of images made by other people who use Unsplash and even make your own and share them with the community. That way not only you show your talent, but you promote your blog as well.


Hey there, food bloggers. I’m looking at you now. This is a platform of your dreams. Foodiesfeed contains images of all the food in the world you can imagine. It’s the bloggers’ sanctuary when it comes to free images that are of high quality and connected to food. It lets you download the images in various sizes and allows you to add them to your blog without a lot of effort. You only need to download them or have a Pinterest account. Cool, right?

Wait till you hear this. The greatest plus about the website is that it has a magazine and a blog from where you can find your inspiration and make sure the light bulb above your head is always lit. Also there are sixteen categories of different types of food like Meat & Fish, Healthy, Pasta & Pizza, Coffee & Drinks and so many more.

If all of this isn’t enough, the website provides a library of digital goods where you can design your images the way you want and learn how to make them even more special.


With the name of a beautiful woman, Magdeleine archives beautiful images, too. It’s the place to be when writing about real life situations or experiences or company brands as the website has plenty of magnificent images which possess CC0 – Public Domain license. Every area is covered with appropriate images that you can choose from and also graphic works which are perfect when writing about abstract concepts.

You don’t have to worry about getting lost around the platform, as the images are organized into folders and collections accompanied by popular tags and even dominant colors. That way you exactly know which image can be used in which of your posts and the job becomes a piece of cake. On top of it all, you can submit your own images if photography is your passion. You can do that by simply filling in the site form and there you go. Your name is up and people will get to know the type of photos you take and possibly the blog posts you put them in.

I think that after all of these, it is more than clear that implementing images in your blog posts is a crucial segment of your blogging experience. That’s why all of these sources have the leading role in providing you with the ones that are the most suitable for your writing. Hesitate no more and head to some of these websites. Decorate your blog with the perfect images and tell us how it went in the comments!

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