Twitter Spaces Is An Exciting Opportunity for Brands

Twitter Spaces is here, and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome. If you’re not aware of Twitter Spaces, it’s basically an alternative to Clubhouse, but with better features, easier access, and less pretension.

And it’s gaining steam. Twitter is investing heavily in this new platform. With a run of new features, better monetization, and an overall improvement in user experience, it’s clear that Twitter is betting big on live audio—and for good reason. With Clubhouse, Telegram Voice Chats 2.0, and Spotify Greenroom, the live audio wars are heating up.

Twitter is in a unique position to capitalize

But what’s the difference between Twitter and the other Clubhouse clones? As Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal puts it, users are already going to Twitter to see what’s going on.

“Twitter is where you go to find out what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about. So when you come to Twitter, and you look at your home Timeline and you see a Space, it’s gonna perhaps be people who you don’t know but who are talking about a topic that’s incredibly relevant to you. It could be Bitcoin, it could be the aftershock from the Grammys, it could be that they’re talking about the NFL Draft.”

But I’m not only an observer of Spaces. I’ve joined the conversation.

Marketers should always seek to dive in and test new technology. So, on April 18th, I joined an event organized by a young investors group called Financial Fitness to give a perspective on a particular company in the e-commerce space. You can check out the recording below:

And let me tell you, I had a blast. I can see the appeal of this new medium on social interaction. But as I delved in, I saw there was a huge opportunity for brands to capitalize in an authentic and meaningful manner. One that very few brands have actively taken advantage of.

How brands can benefit

Twitter Spaces may seem like a niche platform geared towards influencers, but there’s value in it for brands, too. As a great tool for communication, it’s easy for users to jump into an audio hangout on the fly and listen to thought leaders riff on their perspectives in real-time. No pre-registration. No barriers to hanging out. And unlike most platforms of its kind, Spaces is already built into a social platform. In short, it’s the perfect place for brand leaders to address their customers on industry news as it’s playing out.

Here are other ways brands can use Twitter Spaces to engage with consumers:

Instant Reactions

Brands could set up a quick Twitter Space for company leaders to react and provide commentary on things happening in-market. For example, a tech company could host a Twitter Spaces hangout to discuss changing legislation quickly, easily, and on the fly. For customers, they’re given real-time insights from industry experts while being introduced to a like-minded community. For the brand, they can take the temperature of consumers and gain valuable information right from the source.

Q&A Sessions / Expert Panels

Bringing in experts to discuss key trends, issues, and field questions is an excellent way to use Twitter Spaces. Ideally, you’d have a few speakers lined up and could field questions in advance. This is a highly underutilized tactic that can be used to provide expert value to your audience while contributing to lead generation and product/service awareness.

Product Releases / Drops

Speaking of products and services, Twitter Spaces is the perfect platform for announcing new ventures. Whether it’s the launch of a new offering or campaign, live audio allows you to better generate and communicate excitement, optimism, and enthusiasm on the part of your brand and its customers. As a result, brands should be able to pack more of an emotional punch when it comes to presenting new initiatives.

But wait, there’s more coming

Yes, I love Twitter Spaces right now, but I’m more interested in where it goes from here. As it stands, I see a future where it becomes a fully interactive platform where art, tech, and business intersect with social hangouts of any size. From paid events to webinars to just chatting, I see this as an opportunity to manifest into something much bigger. Think concerts, sporting events, and more!

The future is increasingly moving towards live streaming. Whether it’s video or audio, customers want to connect in real-time. Brands need to meet them there. So, I say dive in.

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