Tumblr Strategies to Follow & Disaster Strategies You Must Avoid

March 1, 2016
Tumblr Strategies to Follow

1: Be Mysterious. — Regardless of what you post on your Tumblr page, the first rule is to be mysterious. Any pictures that are less than mysterious should be removed at all costs. — REMEMBER: The way your audience looks at you is based on what you put out there. If your images don’t look mysterious to them, they will not try to engage.

2: Engage With Your New Followers Via Private Message. — Customers purchase from people they trust. It is important to reach out to your new followers at the beginning. This will make you stand out compared to the rest of the marketers who never really engage with their potential clients.

3: Post New Pictures Daily. – Updating constantly is the key. Why? Well, it is because your audience wants to know every move and every step that you take in your business. So, do NOT post one new picture per month and expect your business to grow. That’s impossible.

4: Track Your Links. — Be a geek. Always test the type of pictures that will result in a higher engagement rate versus the pictures that will waste your time. This allows you to increase your traffic with the right images on your Tumblr account.

5: Redirect Your Posts to Your Squeeze Page. — It is important to redirect your audience to your squeeze page. Why is it? It is because studies have shown for many decades that each subscriber that you have is equal to $ 1 to $ 1.50 per month for your business. It is important to build your subscriber base as soon as possible.

Disaster Strategies to Avoid

1: Entering the Tumblr world just because everyone is utilizing Pinterest. — It is similar with trying to get a diamond in the desert which is a waste of time. Worse, if you are not careful, you will receive a lot of negative feedback from other Tumblr users. That’s exactly the nightmare many new comers experience with their businesses.

2: Not doing enough research. — Who is your target market? Are they freebie seekers or potential buyers? What is your method on providing solutions? You MUST have these benchmarks before you enter the Tumblr world.

3: Target everyone who speaks English. — Assumptions are the keys to disaster. If you want to build your business, you can’t just assume everyone needs to lose weight, make money, and have low self-esteem. It is similar with cold calling.

4: Focus on following everyone on Tumblr. — This is a big mistake. Why? It is because NOT everyone will be interested in what you have to say. My point is you have to be picky on the type of audience you would like to attract in your business.

5: Focus on Selling To Your Audience, Instead of Educating them. — Why is this considered a bad idea? Remember, every time you sell to your audience, people will stay away from you. On the other hand, every time you educate your audience, you will attract relationship with your audience. My point is… Balance between selling your audience and educating your audience on each post.

6: Creating your pictures on your own with Photoshop. — Unless you are a professional artist, please use the professional on Fiverr.com. It will only cost you $ 5.

7: Avoid tracking your links on every post. — Unless you don’t care on wasting your time on Tumblr, you MUST track your links on every image you post. This allows you to know which post gives you the most traffic and which posts are wasting your time.

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