Tips On Sales Leads

  • A sales lead is an opportunity to convert an enquiry into a valuable customer. To do this requires patience, skill and the ability to understand what the customer’s needs are and find solutions accordingly.

    Today through the assistance of technology, processes and people we are able to systematically convert enquiries into closed sales. Check Your Leads Before approaching any potential customer ensure they are a suitably qualified or you can meet their needs. There is no point selling to a client and wasting your time if what you are presenting to them is inappropriate or is not required.

    It can be as simple as a checklist or clarification before presenting your product or service. Prompt Action Ensure there is a system in place so all enquiries are promptly replied. She’s have a reputation of being slow to respond to enquiries or even fail to respond at all. This can occur if staff doesn’t check emails regularly or there is no one responsible for all new leads and can result in lost opportunities or poor reputation of your business.

    Have a backup plan when the main person that contacts new leads is not available. Respond To Enquiries Appropriately Avoid putting too much pressure on any sales enquiry. Sometimes it is better just to give information so the customer has time to assess whether it is relevant to their needs.

    It is important to build their confidence in you and your business. Delegate Leads Wisely Create a system to ensure all sales enquiries are sent to the appropriate department. Leads will have the best chance of becoming a sale if they go to the relevant sales person, manager, distributor, etc. If not, there is a chance it will be passed around and go stale. Ensure CRM Is Regularly Updated Every person receiving a potential client must ensure their information is entered in the CRM database promptly.

    A CRM system will give you a clear snapshot of your relationship with the customer and how to approach them next. It is the only way of effectively managing your customer’s, assess the quality of your leads and calculating your return on investment on any marketing strategy.

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