The Real Reason You Aren’t More Successful

— November 18, 2016

Until you overcome this, you’ll always fall short of your full potential in business.

I knew the words were true the moment they were spoken.

They struck me at the core of my professional self, and I immediately realized how much better my business could be if I heeded the advice.

I was sitting inside a hotel meeting room in Phoenix, Arizona, holed up for two days with some of the most successful authors, entrepreneurs and online business minds in the space today.

The man who organized the mastermind meeting, Ray Edwards, is a sought-after copywriter whose client list includes Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (the guys who wrote “Chicken Soup For The Soul”) and many others.

The Real Reason You Aren’t More Successful

“There are two limiting beliefs that you need to identify and and deal with if you want to get the most out of this meeting,” Ray told us. “First is the thought of, ‘I already knew that.’ Second is, ‘That won’t work for me.’”

As we moved through the two days of mastermind presentations, “hot seats” featuring each member and roundtable analysis of one another’s businesses, it became wildly apparent to me that both beliefs were indeed holding my business back.

And there’s a reason these two beliefs are almost universal – almost every entrepreneur or business owner I know struggles with these limiting beliefs to one degree or another.

I’ll dive into “That won’t work for me” in a future post, but I want to spend the rest of this space talking about the limiting belief of, “I already knew that.”

Mr. Know-it-All

In my case, I was humbled in an incredible way when I asked for feedback on one of my key sales processes – a series of free webinars I present on how to use LinkedIn to generate more business for yourself.

Having gone through several online training courses, and having presented hundreds of live and automated webinars since 2012, I honestly thought I had it down to a science.

And yet, a massive blind spot emerged in a roundabout way when I put myself in front of the mastermind group.

I was talking about how Facebook Ads didn’t seem to work in terms of getting people who signed up for my webinar to purchase my online training.

“Okay, tell us about the webinar,” Ray said. “How does it work, what’s the structure, what do you offer and so on.”

Even though I thought the discussion would be about Facebook Ads, I broke down my webinar process anyway.

“Do you have [this person’s] online training about creating successful webinars?” someone in the group asked me.

“No,” I said. “But I’ve already done two other courses on creating webinars, and have been doing them since 2012 … would I really learn anything new from it?”

“Yes!” Ray said. “Remember that limiting belief we talked about?”

It felt like having my professional pants pulled down in public – but I was grateful for the experience.

The group proceeded to tell me why my Facebook Ads weren’t working – a certain part of my webinar funnel wasn’t set up correctly, and it was costing me countless sales as a result.

I immediately realized that what the group was saying made sense, and, while my webinars were doing okay in terms of generating sales, they would be a ton more successful if I implemented the strategy the group outlined for me.

“Buy [this person’s] webinar course,” Ray told me. “It shows you exactly what to do.”

Others in the group shared their own success stories using that strategy, and I immediately realized how that limiting belief (“I already know this”) was costing me sales.

Always Be Learning

Here’s my point: To be super successful, to be otherworldly in your business or entrepreneurial ventures, you must have an insatiable appetite to continually learn and master your craft. You can literally never know it all about specific systems, strategies or sales tactics.

There is always more to learn, more to try, more to test. You can always get better.

And by having a limiting belief that I already knew it all when it came to webinars, I realized how much revenue I was leaving on the table by having a broken sales funnel.

Those 48 hours in Phoenix changed everything about how I viewed my business, and I emerged with an incredible amount of new, actionable knowledge that is going to grow my LinkedIn training company exponentially.

The biggest takeaway is this – the moment you think you know it all, you’re going to put limits on what’s truly possible with your business.

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